WWE: Ranking the 10 Best Stables in WWE/WCW History

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WWE: Ranking the 10 Best Stables in WWE/WCW History
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Like managers and tag team wrestling, stables seem to be a lost art in today’s professional wrestling scene, specifically in the WWE. The formation of The Nexus last year, however, proved that stables could still play a huge role in the success of the overall product.

While the WWE’s Attitude Era may have featured some off-the-wall storylines and sub-par wrestling at times, most wrestling fans look back at it fondly. The main reason for this is that the Attitude Era was undoubtedly entertaining. One of the things that made it so was a focus on feuds between stables.

DX, The Corporation, The Ministry of Darkness, The Hart Foundation and The Nation of Domination were just a few of the many successful stables that ran roughshod over the WWE in the late-1990s. These “gang war” type feuds between factions practically wrote themselves and produced endless possibilities.

WWE’s main rival during that period, WCW, may have been the company which made stables en vogue, though. The formation of the New World Order in 1996 rocketed WCW to new heights and, for the first time, posed a very real threat to WWE. The nWo is yet another example of how, when done right, stables can resonate with the fans.

Here are the top 10 stables in the history of WWE/WCW.

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