Pro Wrestling Heroes of Wrestling Past: Shawn 'Planet' Stasiak

Nick BolyardContributor IIIJune 22, 2011

WELCOME TO PLANET STASIAK!  After a long hiatus, I have returned...with an article about Shawn Stasiak!  Looking back at some of his better known personas, it was an easy choice to pick Stasiak as a good return subject for Heroes of Wrestling Past.  You all wanted it!  you got it!  Heroes of Wrestling Past has returned!

Let's get started with a look back at 1997.  Many of you readers (and myself) were only kids at the time. It was October. We were all getting pumped for Halloween and trick-or-treating.  The World Wrestling Federation decided to give us some safety tips.  The man they chose for this: Phobia.  Wait! Who/what the hell is Phobia?  Phobia is Shawn Stasiak, fresh off his graduation from Boise State (you know, the place with the blue football field).  Sadly, this would be his only appearance as a part of the main roster until 1999.  

In the spring of '99, he returned as the boy toy of the female stable Pretty Mean Sisters, or P.M.S.  He was repackaged as Meat.  What the hell kind of name is that?  Initially starting out strong, Meat became a jobber because he, in storyline, was worn out from having sex with Terri Runnels (yay) and Jacqueline (not so much).  

Soon after he cheated on them, he dropped Meat and became Shawn Stasiak.  During his 1999 run, he helped make Kurt Angle a star.  Stasiak would drop a contest to Angle at Survivor Series, but we all saw a star in the making.  That star was of course Shawn Stasiak!  However, due to his double life as a spy, he recorded a conversation between the late Davey Boy Smith and former Heroes subject Steve Blackman.  Stasiak was released, possibly to fulfill his duties to his secret spy agency.  

It didn't take long for Stasiak to return to the ring, this time in WCW.  After his debut, he laid a couple beatdowns on Mr. Perfect.  PerfectShawn was in full effect!  Soon he formed a team with Chuck Palumbo (the guy from Billy and Chuck).  They went on to win three World Tag Team titles in WCW, before going their separate ways.  Palumbo would go on the have success as a quasi-homosexual. Meanwhile, Stasiak became the Mecca of Manhood.  However, WCW would soon fold and Stasiak would return to WWF, despite infiltrating the locker room just months earlier.

Stasiak, as a member of the Alliance (LONG LIVE THE ALLIANCE!!!), would become a clumsy dolt. Stasiak found himself in the thick of things with stars such a Angle and The Rock.  His most memorable appearance may have been on the 9/11 preview show.  He stepped up to challenge The Rock for the WCW Championship.  Stasiak fell flat in this attempt (about three times, to be exact).  Stasiak would even lose his valet, Stacy Kiebler (double yay).  Things were not the best on Planet Stasiak.

After the Alliance disbanded, Stasiak returned to capture 15 Hardcore Championships.  However near the end of 2002,  Stasiak left to chase another dream, to become a chiropractor.  He was practicing in Texas and even got a more advance certification in New York.  No matter how long he's gone or how many backs he fix, Shawn Stasiak will always be a Hero of Wrestling Past!