WWE: Why “Rowdy” Roddy Piper Remains Important to the WWE Universe

Ian MaloneCorrespondent IIIJune 21, 2011

Whenever those top-10 greatest superstars in the '80s or '90s come out, the same 10 to 15 superstars tend to make the list.

That is because they are the few wrestlers who have really transcended the era in which they competed in and will have a draw that will likely live on in the professional wrestling world forever.

When Roddy Piper makes these lists, he’s generally at the back end. Few would argue that he was the greatest of his era. He didn’t have very many, if any, five-star matches to his name. But this doesn’t really hurt his legacy.

Piper was known as a talker maybe more so than a wrestler. Piper's Pit may go down in history as the greatest WWE talk show segment of all-time, I certainly can’t think of one that was more effective. It is so effective that it was revived for a WWE house show at Madison Square Garden last year.

We may love Christian, but it’s unlikely that there will ever be another peep show 20 years down the road, though I could be wrong.

It is because he was such a great talker that Roddy Piper has been immortalized. Whenever he steps into a WWE ring where it is on RAW or a house show, his always met with cheers from the crowd. Now the same could be said for many WWE legends, but personally I think Piper exists in a league of his own.

This could be because Roddy Piper has something that few former WWE legends have. Roddy Piper has relevance. As we saw last week on RAW, Piper's Pit is still incredibly effective in its original purpose.

Roddy Piper can still get WWE superstars over as we saw with Alex Riley. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was certainly more excited about the match after Piper's Pit than I was before.

The truth is, Roddy Piper will always be able to get a strong reaction from the crowd. Piper can transcend his era in ways that no one else can, with maybe the exception of Bret Hart.

Roddy Piper isn't even really that old. At age 57, he’s younger than active wrestlers such as Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, and not much older than Sting.  It’s unlikely that Piper will ever wrestle again, but he does possess an ability that the three aforementioned superstars do not.

Roddy Piper is still getting people over. Piper is still more effective than most current superstars are. Few faces can sell a promo if their life depended on it. The WWE Universe needs Piper to sell the current wave of WWE Superstars.

And as long as he can do that, Roddy Piper will always remain relevant.