NFL Week Nine Picks: Big Week in the NFL

Matt HunterCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

Well I again dropped to a worse record than the previous week's 9-5.  Even though I went one game worse to 8-6, it is still not very good of a record. Maybe, just maybe, I can get back to at least a 10-win week, but we will have to see.

This week, I am going to try using the spread to pick games. I have not done this at all before, so we will see how it goes this week.

The teams that are giving points are in bold beside the home team in the matchup line.

Last Week: 8-6
Overall: 42-29 (.591 win pct)

Now onto Week Nine picks.

1. NY Jets (4-3) at Buffalo (5-2)/ Buffalo -5.5
This is going to be a good in-state battle this weekend between these two AFC East rivals. Buffalo is coming off a very tough loss to Miami last week, but I think that with coming back home, they should do just fine against New York.


2. Detroit (0-7) at Chicago (4-3)/ Chicago -13
This should be a pushover for Chicago, and it most likely is. Detroit is no good, and now they are trying to fight for that first pick with Cincinnati. I think they will improve their chances this weekend of getting closer to that first pick.


3. Jacksonville (3-4) at Cincinnati (0-8)/ Jacksonville -7.5
Well this is a game that I would not want to watch at all. Both teams are not playing well at all this year, and Jacksonville is coming off a loss to Cleveland. However, Cincinnati is just plain terrible, so I like Jacksonville in this one.


4. Baltimore (4-3) at Cleveland (3-4)/ Cleveland -1.5
Cleveland needs to win this game. Period. Baltimore caught a break with winning last week and also having the Steelers to lose as well. If they win this game, they could possibly be tied atop the division at the end of this week. I will take Baltimore in this one because of their stout defense.


5. Green Bay (4-3) at Tennessee (7-0)/ Tennessee -5
I cannot really go against Tennessee right now, especially with how much they proved last night on Monday Night Football. I do not think that Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay can keep up in this game, and I like Tennessee to win.


6. Arizona (4-3) at St.Louis (2-5)/ Arizona -3
A divisional game, which is a very big one for Arizona. They need this game to help take hold of the NFC West. If they win this game, they pretty much have a playoff spot wrapped up already, due to the lack of competition in the NFC West. I like Arizona.


7. Houston (3-4) at Minnesota (3-4)/ Minnesota -4.5
Houston has played well as of late and has actually gotten themselves the opportunity to get to .500 ball. Minnesota needs to figure out what they are doing and do it quickly. They were to be a playoff team earlier this year but have sluffed off as of late. This should be a pretty well-fought game by both sides. I like Minnesota, even with the spread.


8. Tampa Bay (5-3) at Kansas City (1-6)/ Tampa Bay -8.5
Kansas City is playing horrible still, and this week should not get any better for them. A very good Tampa Bay team is coming to town, and I feel that they are going to take their frustration from Sunday's loss to Dallas and take it out on Kansas City. I like Tampa, even with the spread.


9. Miami (3-4) at Denver (4-3)/ Denver -3
Denver started off very well this year but has played poorly the past few weeks. Miami is coming off a very big win against a very good Buffalo team last week. I still like Denver this week, though, at home against the spread.


10. Atlanta (4-3) at Oakland (2-5)/ Atlanta -3
Oakland is struggling, which is not a very big surprise to anybody, I do not think. Atlanta is a surprise, though, to everybody this year. Nobody thought that they would be where they are right now with what they had to go through this past offseason. I like Atlanta on the road.


11. Dallas (5-3) at NY Giants (6-1)/ NY Giants -8.5
This is going to be a very good game this Sunday. This is a huge game for both teams.  Dallas needs the win to keep up in the division, and if New York can win, it will help them get a strong hold on the division lead. I am taking Dallas though, getting 8.5.


12. Philadelphia (4-3) at Seattle (2-5)/ Philadelphia -7
Seattle surprisingly still has a chance in their division, because of how weak it is. Philadelphia has a slight chance, if they start winning and the three other teams start to lose games. I like Philadelphia in this game on the road.


13. New England (5-2) at Indianapolis (3-4)/ Indianapolis -5    Sunday Night
Indianapolis is coming off a tough loss to Tennessee on Monday night, and now they have to deal with their top rival New England on Sunday night. New England is still competing, even though they are riddled with injuries. I will take Indianapolis, though, against the spread, because they are now going to be struggling the rest of the year.


14. Pittsburgh (5-2) at Washington (6-2)/ Washington -2     Monday Night
Pittsburgh is coming off a tough loss to the NY Giants, and Washington is only half a game back of NY now, with a big win last week. This is going to be a great game on Monday night, and Pittsburgh is now going to have to dig deep, because this starts their gauntlet of their schedule.

I like Pittsburgh, though, with the spread, and I think that they are showing the league that they can play with anybody, even with their injuries.


OK, there are my picks for this week in the NFL. Hopefully picking the spread will improve my record, but who knows, with my luck, I will probably do worse than last week. No worries, though, things will turn around eventually. They have to, right?


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