WWE Capitol Punishment: Christian and the Top 7 Challengers for the World Title

Daniel Massey@EPWWEfan1Senior Analyst IIIJune 20, 2011

WWE Capitol Punishment: Christian and the Top 7 Challengers for the World Title

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    Hello, folks! After Christian’s shocking defeat last night at the hands of The Viper, Randy Orton, we are left wondering who will be next to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    I have to believe Christian is in with another chance because he shouldn’t have lost. He wouldn’t have had the referee been a competent one.

    I have compiled a list of who I think are the next in line to try for the title. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the read!

Honourable Mention: Cody Rhodes

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    This marks the first time I have given in to popular demand but I felt you all had a point. Cody Rhodes looked to be in line to make it to the top no less than a month ago so why did I not include him on this list?

    I believe he has lost some steam as of late and his character is not progressing as I would like it to.

    He also looks set to reunite Legacy with Ted DiBiase which puts him out of the title picture.

    He also, hasn't even been anywhere near the mid-card titles never mind the World Heavyweight Championship.

    One or two months ago I would have had Cody near the top of the list but as it is, he'll have to make do with an honourable mention.

    Only a drastic change could put him near that title in my opinion, though it is possible.

7. Jinder Mahal

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    Jinder Mahal is on the up and up, and I believe he is being built to be a main event contender.

    This could happen at any point for me—even next week—which is why the man makes this list.

    With The Great Khali at his side, I have to believe he’d have a pretty good chance if he did somehow manage to challenge at Money in the Bank for the title.

    However, I think it is more likely he will be placed in the Money in the Bank match and possibly win it.

    When he does, he will immediately shoot up this list.

6. Ezekiel Jackson

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    Ezekiel Jackson has just won the Intercontinental Championship.

    If he is successful with the belt over the next couple of weeks, he could go on to bigger and better things.

    It has been a long time since the Intercontinental title and a World Championship have been held at the same time, but I have to believe it can happen again.

    Because of my unrelenting optimism at this sort of booking, Jackson makes the list.

    Again, he could always lose the belt to Mahal before challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship.

5. Alberto Del Rio

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    After last night, it seems the Big Show is going to be out of action once again. As Del Rio is not really in a feud, he is now free to once again focus on the World Heavyweight Championship.

    One way this could go down is him winning the championship, then Show coming back to seek revenge and taking the title away from him.

    I have to believe Big Show will be retiring in a couple of years. This is a good chance for him to go out on a high—but for this to happen, Del Rio would have to win the title.

    He won last year’s Royal Rumble. He could always win Money in the Bank.

    This would also mean he would have to be drafted back to SmackDown. He is lost on Raw anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem.

4. Wade Barrett

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    Barrett has just lost the Intercontinental Championship.

    When Ziggler lost it, he skyrocketed to the main event. The same could happen to Barrett.

    He no longer has any ties to superstars following the breakup of The Corre. He is on his own and has been entertaining at the main event before.

    I believe he has a very good chance of challenging for the title in the coming months.

    With no title and no group he will either main-event or be stuck in limbo for an unprecedented amount of time.

3. Mark Henry

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    Mark Henry started his draft to SmackDown well, challenging for the World Heavyweight title with Christian and Sheamus. Then he just...disappeared from the title picture and has become embroiled in the Del Rio-Big Show feud.

    Now Big Show has been taken out by Henry, who stamped his authority on the giant last night. The door is once again open for him to stake his claim to the Championship.

    I would like to see Henry in the main event, but only time will tell if he is allowed back up the ranks.

2. Sheamus

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    Sheamus has been almost unstoppable on SmackDown.

    Though he lost last week to Christian, missing the chance to make the World Heavyweight title match a triple threat, he has beaten the Viper and Christian in previous weeks. He still has not been able to have a shot at the title.

    He had a shot on SmackDown about three weeks ago, but was screwed by the one man who is standing in his way—Christian.

    Now Christian has lost. This gives Sheamus the perfect excuse to steal the No.1 contender spot from the former World Heavyweight Champion.

1. Christian

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    Christian was screwed out of the title last night, plain and simple.

    His foot was clearly under the bottom rope. It is making me angry just thinking about it.

    This was supposed to be his last shot at the title, but after the travesty that was last night, I believe he is still in line for another shot.

    He will whine and complain until he gets a chance at retribution for being screwed by the referee.

    This is why Christian is at the top of this list.

    If he had lost cleanly at Capitol Punishment, I believe he would be at No. 3 or No. 4 on this list. But he was not beaten properly, and therefore, he remains at the top.

    Only time will tell how this one will play out.

Thanks for Reading!

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    So there you have it. The seven competitors most likely to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship now that Orton has retained.

    The SmackDown roster is kind of thin on guys who can actually main-event full time (one of the reasons Orton was drafted,) but I believe I have picked the best candidates and placed them in the right order.

    What do you think? Do you agree with my choices? Is there anyone else you had in mind?

    Please leave a comment below detailing what you think. I always reply to all comments.

    To those waiting for comments on my previous articles please bear with me, I will get through them later today.

    Be sure to check out my extensive WWE Capitol Punishment review!

    Thanks for reading!