Strikeforce Overeem vs. Werdum Results: Questions Answered and Lessons Learned

Jeffrey McKinneyContributor IIIJune 20, 2011

Strikeforce Overeem vs. Werdum Results: Questions Answered and Lessons Learned

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    The circus known as Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum has finally come to an end.

    The main event featuring Alistair Overeem and Fabricio Werdum was a lackluster and odd affair that although many predicted Overeem to win, no one expected the result of the match.

    Also featured was Josh Barnett having his way with Brett Rogers, KJ Noons showing a ton of heart, and Chad Griggs and Daniel Cormier looking like the two best heavyweights of the night.

    Where do the outcomes of the event lead us now? What have we learned and what was answered tonight? Continue to read and find out!

Chad Griggs Should Have Been in the Tournament

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    The “Grave Digger” dug another grave when he made short work of Valentijn Overeem.

    Griggs has finished all of his fights by TKO or submission due to punches and has no reserve pounding anybody out.

    Griggs may not be as well known as Andrei Arlovski or Brett Rogers before the tournament started. But the guy could have put up much more of a fight than either of these guys. 

Daniel Cormier Is Becoming a Good Heavyweight Prospect

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    Although Cormier is an Olympic wrestler, he showed some versatile striking against MMA veteran Jeff Monson on the ground.

    Cormier out struck the BJJ black belt for three rounds, earning his eighth career win.

    Cormier is a hard worker who trains with fighters like UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and Jon Fitch at American Kickboxing Academy.

    As long as he continues to grow and improve all of his skills, Cormier can become one of the heavyweight division’s best.

Jorge Masvidal May Be on His Way to a Title Shot

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    Not many gave Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal a chance in this fight.

    Some have called him inconsistent, while others believed Noons had better tools to win.

    Masvidal proved his doubters wrong and nearly took Noons out in the first round.

    Masvidal continued to out-strike and out-wrestle Noons for the next two rounds, earning the win and a possible title shot against Gilbert Melendez

KJ Noons Has a Ton of Heart

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    KJ Noons may not have picked up the win against Jorge Masvidal, but he showed a ton of heart.

    Noons was bloodied and hurt badly in the first round of the fight. But unlike Valentijn Overeem, Noons survived and kept trying to fight back until the very end.

    Despite getting the loss, Noons proved that he is one tough fighter that you can’t put away easily. 

Brett Rogers’ Strikeforce Career Is in Grim Condition

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    For the third straight time, Brett “The Grim” Rogers lost in Strikeforce.

    His first two losses could be forgiven as they were against Fedor Emelianenko and Strikeforce Champ Alistair Overeem.

    Josh Barnett is no easy opponent for anyone, but Rogers had to make an impact against him. Unfortunately the only impact he made was his back hitting the ground.

    With this third loss, you have to wonder if Strikeforce will keep the Chicago brawler and give him lesser competition, or cut him.  

Josh Barnett May Be More Dangerous Than We Think

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    Love him for his personality or hate him for his cockiness and drug testing past, Josh Barnett is one of the best in the sport for his ground work.

    Barnett was able to make his win against Brett Rogers look easy. After taking Rogers down, Barnett worked his way into getting the right submission.

    Although Barnett can beat a guy on the ground, he has KO ability as well.

    Considering none of the fighters in the tournament are named Mirko Cro Cop, and Barnett can cut a pro wrestling promo to psych his opponents out, he may have the most going for him here on out. 

Fabrico Werdum vs. Alistair Was an Odd Lackluster Affair

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    The main event of the night was suppose to be a rematch between Strikeforce heavyweight Champ Alistair Overeem and Fabricio Werdum.

    Instead what we got was an embarrassing show of two heavyweights that were suppose to be the best in Strikeforce.  

    Time after time after time again Werdum tried to either get takedowns or pull guard. Both fans and Overeem were frustrated as the ref had to keep telling Werdum to stand.

    On the opposite end Overeem was not as aggressive as many thought he would be on the feet nor did he try to do much on the ground.

    Both fighters looked bad and exhausted by the end of one of the worst fights in recent MMA history.

Werdum’s Year Long Ride of Beating Fedor Is Over

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    Werdum may have gotten Fedor to jump into his guard, but Overeem was not going for it.

    After about the first five to 10 times of pulling guard or going for takedowns, you’d think he’d go for another option. Sadly for fans and Overeem, he did not.

    Werdum left many fans scratching their head wondering where his head was at for three rounds. 

    Werdum is a good fighter who actually out-struck Overeem in the fight. But he should be ashamed for his overall performance. 

Alistair Overeem Avenges his Loss Unimpressively

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    Although Werdum should take a big chunk of the blame for how their match went, Overeem could and should have been more aggressive on his feet. 

    Overeem was gassed badly for a fight that saw little to no action.

    If Overeem wants to prove he belongs with the best, he will have to put on a much better performance than that.

    The win may move him up the rankings a little bit, but not by much. Overeem still has work to do if he is to prove he's the best heavyweight in the world.

The Semifinals Are Now Set

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    Last night we found out Alistair Overeem will meet Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva and Sergei Kharitonov will take on Josh Barnett in the next round of the tournament. 

    Silva should provide more of a challenge for the champ, while Barnett and Kharitonov could end on the feet or the ground. 

    Although Overeem vs. Werdum didn't live up to the hype, every other fight in the tournament had some memorable moments, and this should continue into the next round.