WWE Capitol Punishment: 5 Reasons Kofi Kingston Will Beat Dolph Ziggler

Daniel Massey@EPWWEfan1Senior Analyst IIIJune 19, 2011

WWE Capitol Punishment: 5 Reasons Kofi Kingston Will Beat Dolph Ziggler

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    Hello Folks! With only 6 hours to go before the political pay-per-view commences, I thought I’d give you five reasons why I think Kofi Kingston will retain his United States Championship tonight.

    The US and Intercontinental title have not been considered an important aspect of the show recently, and are often overlooked when being defended.

    It should be a big deal and that is the main reason for this slideshow.

    So, as usual, just sit back, relax and enjoy the read!

Vickie Guerrero

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    Dolph would have sold Vickie Guerrero down the river to get a shot at the United States Championship.

    However, this did not happen, and he is still stuck with her.

    To me, this shows an impending split for the business associates—and Dolph losing tonight is the perfect reason.

    Dolph would be able to blame his loss on Vickie and finally get rid of her, going it alone to the main event. This is just one storyline that could work for Dolph following his split from Vickie.

    There are some that argue Dolph would be nothing without his annoying manager, but I think she has done all she can for him.

No Build Up

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    The fact that this title match was seemingly thrown together last week on Raw suggests to me that Kofi will retain his title.

    This match has had absolutely no build up which is why Dolph won’t win.

    I just can’t see the WWE allowing Dolph to take the title off Kofi, who won it at Extreme Rules a couple of months ago, in such a blasé match.

    Some would argue that this is exactly why Dolph will win...but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Déjà vu

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    Dolph has done the mid-card title thing before. He was supposed to be a main-event guy after he dropped the Intercontinental belt—to none other than Kofi Kingston.

    It makes no sense to give Dolph a mid-card belt after he was so close to being a World Champion. He should be vying for the WWE Championship.

    He has not been featured much since his return to Raw, as he hasn’t had anything to do. I don’t think just putting the belt on him would change this—leading me onto my next point...

Dolph Needs a Feud

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    Losing the title is the perfect way to spark one.

    Since Dolph has seemingly been shoved right back down to being a mid-card superstar, he needs a feud—and fast.

    I think Dolph losing would create a better feud than him winning. Dolph is the heel, so this situation would fit his character perfectly.

    He could moan that Vicky cost him the title (tying into Slide one), and become more aggressive. This would build him up to be more of a viable threat—not only to the United states Championship, but also to the WWE Championship.

    The problem is, this also ties into my déjà vu slide—everyone has seen this before.

A Face Needs to Win

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    My predictions for tonight are as follows:

    CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio — CM Punk

    Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio — Alberto Del Rio

    Wade Barrett vs Ezekiel Jackson — Ezekiel Jackson

    The Miz vs Alex Riley — The Miz

    Randy Orton vs Christian — Christian

    John Cena vs R-Truth — R-Truth

    Admittedly, these predictions are fairly optimistic. However, if the night does go my way, this means a lot of heels are picking up victories, and a face win is needed to balance the night out.

    Kofi Kingston retaining his title would be something for the fans to cheer for. They would be booing for most of the night if I was the booker.

Thanks for Reading!

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    There you have it; five reasons why Kofi Kingston will retain his title.

    Do you agree with me? Do you think Dolph will win?

    Please leave a comment below telling me your thoughts on what is likely to be an overlooked match. I always reply to all comments eventually!

    I’ll be back tomorrow with my SmackDown review and a Capitol Punishment review.

    Please be sure to check them both out.

    Thanks for reading!