WWE Capitol Punishment 2011: Thoughts and Predictions

Nithyanand KrishnamaniContributor IIIJune 16, 2011

What’s up Bleachers!

Capitol Punishment is around the corner, so I decided to write some of my thoughts. So far, seven matches have been announced. There are some matches we have seen before, but there are also some matches we haven’t seen.

So, should we be excited?

Obviously, the match that I’m really excited about is Randy Orton vs. Christian for the WHC (Randy may not participate since he has said to have had a concussion).

If Randy does participate we can expect a really good match. Expect Christian to use some heel tactics to get the win, but I see Randy retaining with an RKO.

The interesting aspect is if Randy does not participate, who will? Sheamus probably will fill in for Randy. If this is the case then I think Christian might get the belt. Look out for this match.

CM Punk and Mysterio can put on a good match, and for Punk’s sake I hope he wins. With all the talk surrounding Punk’s contract I wonder what Creative is thinking right now.

Another feud that has been rehashed from last year, I wonder where this will lead. I will feel really sad if Punk leaves, considering the fact that he is THE complete package in the WWE.

Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston will face each other for probably the 500th time. Considering how WWE is trying to portray Ziggler I expect him to get the belt. This will most probably open the PPV, so it should be a fast-paced match with lots of action.

I’m not going to write about the Del Rio-Big Show match since I feel that the feud should have never have taken place. Del Rio has nothing to do until Summer Slam hence he has been added to this random feud.

Another match that is on people’s minds is the WWE Championship match between John "Superman" Cena and R "Lil Jimmy" Truth. In my opinion, this will be the match that closes the PPV.

It should be a decent match, but I feel that R-Truth has no chance of winning the belt. I must say, heel R-Truth is one of the reasons I tune in to WWE these days.

The remaining two matches are Wade Barrett vs.Ezekiel Jackson for the IC Title (Remember when that meant something?) and Alex Riley vs. The Miz. Jackson is going to pick up the win. The Miz will win with help from Michael Cole.

So, those are my thoughts. Please do tell me what you fell will happen at Capitol Punishment. And maybe you can even become a fan.