UFC 90: What Just Happened?

John StrauserContributor IOctober 26, 2008

UFC 90 took place last night and it has its usual ups and downs.  Here are some of the things I noticed during the pay-per-view.

Sherk vs Griffin: This fight had a lot better stand-up exchanges than what I was expected.  I assumed this fight would be a lay and pray festival; I'm glad I was wrong.  Very exciting fight that deservedly earned fight of the night honors. 

I was surprised at how easily Sherk took Griffin down.  For as great of a wrestler as he is, Tyson was put down with ease on several different occasions.  His submission defense is superb though as he has showcased in several fights, just because you have his back, doesn't mean that he is in danger.

Werdum vs Dos Santos: Werdum weighed 24 lbs heavier for this fight than his first UFC fight against Andre Arlovski.  This appeared to be a classic case of underestimating an opponent as Dos Santos 'Houston Alexandered' Werdum in just about 90 seconds. 

MMA is a crazy, unpredictable sport, and that is why so many people love it.  You cannot assume that you are invincible.  Just because your opponent has never fought in the UFC does not mean that they are talentless.  Dos Santos trains with 2 of the 5 UFC champions,  Noguiera & Silva, they have to be teaching him something!

Werdum looked out of shape and it cost him a shot at the heavyweight title.  He was almost a lock to be next in line until this set back. 

Maynard vs Clementi:  Gray Maynard might have the worst ground and pound I've ever seen.  He had his opponent down almost the entire fifteen minutes and accomplished nothing.  Granted, his opponent is an excellent submission fighter, but still, this was a very boring fight.  This should hopefully take Gray off of any future PPV's and relegate him to Fight Night fights or Ultimate Fighter finales.

Alves vs Koscheck: This was an exciting fight, start to finish.  These two went at it hard for three full rounds.  Alves rocked Koscheck several times, but each time he was able to weather the storm and make it to a decision.

Alves should have earned a welterweight title shot with this performance, as long as he can make weight! He is arguably the fastest striker in the division and would give fits to GSP or Bj Penn depending on who holds the title when his time comes. 

Koscheck has continued to improve every time that he has stepped into the octagon. He stepped in on two weeks notice against a very dangerous opponent. 

Silva vs Cote: Very unusual but entertaining fight.  Silva wasn't fighting, he was putting on a show.  There were a couple exchanges during the first two rounds of the fight, but mostly just feeling each other out.

Cote became the first opponent to push Silva to a third round, but I attribute that more to a showboating Silva than I do to a well rounded Cote.

Unfortunately the fight came to a screeching halt when Cote suffered a knee injury at the start of the third round.