It's Time to Send Bob Cole to The Minors on the Way to the Cup

Graeme BoyceCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2008

With a little over 30 seconds left to go in last night's game, which was a gem to watch—knowing the Leafs truly were kicking the Sens butts—I wonder how many other viewers caught, yet again, just how incredibly irritating Bob Cole can be, in his ignorance.  As the Sens were coming in for a rush, and were befuddled by some excellent defensive work, Cole exclaims: "and they were called offside, unfortunately."

Play after play, the Sens could do no wrong, period after period, even though the Leafs were absolutely slowly and deliberately taking apart their opponents, while quite obviously out-shooting them, Cole could not admit who were the better players.  This is not news for Leafs fans, but as we know the Leafs have turned a corner and are playing great.

In fact, the Leafs are playing so well these days, they beat the Sens handily.  When a Leaf player had a puck roll off his stick, which would land at the feet of a Sens player, Cole would extol the virtues of an excellent play made by the Senator.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

As we all saw, the Leafs would punish the Sens with decent checks throughout the game, yet it was the occasional early check that caught the attention of Cole±and set his standard. 

At one point later in the game, co-commentator Greg Millen must have lost his patience and actually called on Cole to describe the Leafs, as it seemed this was his first opportunity to see the "new" team in action... because maybe his line of sight had been impeded from the gondola.

For that pathetic rambling that came next, he should be fired.  If the Leafs and the CBC had any sense, in terms of making us Leafs fans happy, they should replace Cole with someone competent who knows the changes the Leafs have made, and that a good play is a good play—and the Leafs are making great plays.  I must be missing something.

The Leafs are hustling.  Take a look at the true passion Van Ryn displayed when the puck went off his skate and into the net, which Cole had called an excellent goal, btw, as he broke his stick in frustration—I haven't seen that in a while!  Much earlier, how about the smile Moore showed us—after colliding at the blueline with his linemate and being called offside.  He's having fun.  It shows.

I'm truly enjoying this season.  To the cup, and beyond.  Oh, and our new guy Finger, though looking a little rusty to start, ended incredibly well.  Hollweg up and Tlusty down.  It was nice to see Neil get his misconduct.  What an idiot.  Next.