Zack Ryder: Top 5 Reasons WWE Must Push Him

J FitzContributor IIIJune 14, 2011

Zack Ryder: Top 5 Reasons WWE Must Push Him

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    Zack Ryder is a figure in the wrestling world that is fairly complicated. He has all the potential in the world, but the "Zack Pack" is worried he will not get the big break he truly deserves.

    He is undoubtedly a unique and talented individual, so let's take a look at the five reasons I think he deserves his shot.

5) He Can Wrestle

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    I know most fans are familiar with Ryder through his use of mic skills and social media, but I think Ryder also shines through his in ring ability

    I have seen several of Long Island Iced Z’s matches on Superstars, and while they are not headlining Wrestlemania over there, they have put on entertaining matches a number of times. Ryder looks natural and confident in the ring, while putting his own spin on moves with his character.

    If anything, he holds his own very well in the ring. Just take a look at him doing some in-ring work with veteran Christian to get a look at an earlier Ryder.

4) He Is Something New and Different from the Current Product

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    A young Matthew Cardona Jr. got his start on TV in a group called La Familia, in which he teamed with Curt Hawkins. The duo had moderate success moving up the ranks in the business from developmental companies to the WWE. This is where the two joined forces with World Heavyweight Champion Edge and collectively turned heel and gained some brief exposure.

    When the two ultimately split, Ryder took an entire different route. He took on a new persona as he started spiking his hair, wearing headbands, and fist-pumping while shouting the phrase “Woo Woo Woo, you know it!” Somehow, he makes it work. Many will claim it is a Jersey Shore parody, but Ryder actually created the new image months before the show aired.

    The point is, Zack made the new image his own and fans seem to love it. WWE needs something new like Ryder, and the fans want it too. Just take a look around at any WWE live event.

3) He's Charismatic and Likeable

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    As many have mentioned before, Ryder seems to possess that special “it” factor. He has the look and can talk circles around most of the “Superstars” Vince puts on Raw.

    When I first saw Zack Ryder on TV, he was, of course, a heel. But I found myself cheering for him. He had something that just said “Future Star” written all over him. Maybe it was his charisma, maybe it was his in ring ability, or maybe it was just those sweet headbands he sported! Whatever it was, I liked it.

    Say what you will about all of Ryder's other qualities, but this is where he truly shines.

2) He's Already over with the Fans

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    Zack Ryder is the reigning Internet Champion!
    Zack Ryder is the reigning Internet Champion!

    If he has done anything, Zack Ryder has gotten his name out there. He was not happy with where he was in the business, so he went out and did something about it.

    Ryder made himself visible to the fans. Not only did the fans like what they saw, but they have been eating it up ever since. When Ryder arrives (or appears briefly on camera) at a WWE event, the fans cheer. The “Zack Pack” is going crazy for the “Ryder Revolution”, and they just want him on television.

    To quote a Ryder video, they always “Like him on Facebook, Follow him on Twitter, and if there are any left, buy the T-shirt.” The fans love him, and he loves the fans. It’s a perfect match for WWE television.

1) He Is Marketable

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    Just a look at the Zack Ryder T-shirt that sells out in all sizes.
    Just a look at the Zack Ryder T-shirt that sells out in all sizes.

    Zack Ryder self promotes better than any other wrestler in the business today

    That’s all you can say about him. “Zack Ryder” was trending from the US on Twitter when he fought a brief match with Kofi Kingston last week. His videos on YouTube have two million views and counting, he has hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook, and his T-shirts sell out constantly.

    Have you seen those T-shirts he sells?! If he can get people to buy a shirt that poorly done, he can get them to buy anything—which is exactly what the WWE is looking for.


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    Thanks for reading everyone. I just want to end this article by fittingly quoting Zack Ryder once again.

    “Take care, spike your hair. Woo Woo Woo, you know it!”