Cleveland Browns: WHY NOT QUINN?

Justin GravesContributor IOctober 25, 2008


The Cleveland Browns quarterback situation is another cause for talk this year.  Derek Anderson is starting to look like a flash-in-the-pan and another disappointment. Quarterback letdowns have plagued the browns since the early ‘90s when they traded Kosar.

Now, with the Browns so called “high-powered” offense looking more like a grounded hijacked Delta—the questions come up.

When will Quinn get the start?

Not yet!

This season is still young enough to turn around.  There is still time for Anderson to show us how he can rebound from rocky starts.  Anderson, though struggling, has proved that he can still take control of a game and lead the charge down the field.  Quinn has showed his skills at holding a clipboard; imagine if he came in this early in the season.

The Browns fans at the height of frustration may not tolerate another draft dud.  At least now with Quinn on the sidelines, Browns fans can have the hope of a good future quarterback.  When Anderson has proved he can't handle this leader position and the season is out of reach—that's when we will see Quinn.

This way there is no pressure on the young man—no hope for playoffs. He can just go out like its preseason and get comfortable in the pocket, and learn this game.  We all remember what happens when pressures of this game drive players to the breaking point.

Couch, or as I've seen jerseys with the “C” ripped off, was another hope that fans put way too many expectations on. He had no time to learn the NFL; we threw him to the wolves and looked what happened. We don't need to repeat the past—to learn from it is a much better move. 

Anderson is still a high value to the Cleveland Browns. He is mobile, tall, and the awareness is great in this young man.  Pressure is getting to him; he is thinking too much about last year and not settling down in the pocket. His accuracy and throwing power is still there, but he is just rushing himself in the pocket.

Two more seconds in the pocket, and he would complete 90-percent of his passes. Not to worry, we will see Quinn when the time is right. Remember, hope can keep Browns fans sane. I'm putting faith in Anderson, and if he lets the season get out of reach then so be it—what’s the playoffs if you can’t dominate.

Quinn can come in and play the last few games of the season, and next spring camp the competition is on. When you’re a Browns fan you can't do anything but say, “there is always next year.” That’s the cold truth believe it or not.

This team will make it some day, but as for me, I want to keep wearing my Anderson jersey and keep my Quinn jersey on stand by for the future.