Phillies Rays: Game Two Full of Philadelphia Blunders

Chris ReisContributor IOctober 24, 2008


That is what the Phillies have been so far this World Series with runners in scoring position. The only hit didn't even score a run; it just advanced a runner from 2nd to 3rd.

That 0-13 in the first game carried over to game 2, as the Phillies went 1-15, in a 4-2 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Rays got off to a quick start in this game, getting the very first batter of the game on base. Right after that B.J. Upton came up and hit a single to right that looked routine for Jason Werth, but something happened where it came off his glove awkward, moving the runners to 2nd and 3rd and Werth being credited with his first error of the playoffs.

Two sacrifice grounders followed after that, letting the Rays jump to a 2-0 lead right away. After that Myers was able to settle down a little.

After a questionable call in the 3rd with a check swing on a full count, the bases then were loaded for B.J. Upton to hit a single to score run, but in a way making up for his first inning error Jason Werth gunned down Rocco Baldelli at the plate.

Tampa Bay's scoring finished on a 1st and 3rd safety squeeze by Jason Bartlett to score their 4th run. That’s all they would need from there with Shields shutting the Phillies down.

In six of the nine innings, the Phillies started off with a lead off hit and three of them were doubles. After each of those though they could do nothing then to bring those runners home. Shields was very productive once those runners got on, giving the Phillies batters nothing to hit, and hitting his corners very well.  

Greg Dobbs who didn't seem to able to read the ball out of the pitchers hand all night, struck out two times with runners in scoring position.

Myers stayed in the game and pitched until the 7th inning, with Romero coming in with a shutout 8th inning. Myers had a solid performance really considering the fact that only one of the four Tampa runs were scored on a hit, and the rest were sacrifices.

One lone shining spot for the Phillies in this game was that Eric Bruntlett recorded the first ever World Series pinch-hit home run for the Phillies in the 8th.  

The Phillies looked to be putting together some type of rally in the 9th, but that ended quickly after a pitch seemingly hit Rollins but the home plate umpire called that off.

With Ruiz on second with his second lead off double of the night, Rollins went on to pop the ball up to shallow left. Utley then struck out swinging and Howard grounded out right into the shift to finish this game.

Now the Phillies look to game three where they will be playing a long awaited home World Series game. Jamie Moyer is scheduled to start against Matt Garza who in the '08 playoffs is 2-1 so far with a 3.32 ERA in 19 innings. Moyer on the other hand is 0-2 this postseason with a 13.5 ERA in only 5 innings of work.

This Phillies have yet to lose at home this postseason beating the Brewers and Dodgers the first 2 games of each series at home.

If the Phillies want to win at home in this series though they are going to have to get the bats going with runners in scoring position, or else it could be a long rest of the series for them.