WWE's Tyson Kidd: The Mystery Surrounding Why He Gets a New Manager Every Week

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJune 10, 2011

To me, Tyson Kidd was seemingly a dead issue.

In that he disappeared and is now seemingly getting a push from nothing, or is it really a push?

Kidd has skill in the ring, sure, but his size and mic skill was hardly that of a main event talent. He's more than good enough to be an IC or US Champion; in fact, I figured he'd have one of those titles way down the line.

Now, as I mentioned Kidd has skill in the ring. When he first came into the WWE, he was accompanied by WWE Diva Natalya and his gimmick was that he was the last graduate of the Hart Dungeon. Natalya's was that she was the only female ever to graduate from it.

So both had a good gimmick coming in, especially for old school or long term fans of the WWE.

When I saw him wrestle, I was praising the prospect of this man. I knew if he just got a good finisher in, he would be a great talent in WWE. But I never considered him a top guy prospect.

Now, I was all for pushing the smaller guys. I hate that WWE buries them, but the fact is that some aren't good enough to be in the main event scene of any show.

Guys like Evan Bourne have skill in the ring, and excitement follows him, but he lacks skill on the mic and the ability to work a proper storyline. This is why Bourne may never main event consistently.

Daniel Bryan on the other hand, can work a storyline and has relatively good mic skill. Also, he's great in the ring. This is why he would deserve the main event scene.

Cody Rhodes is a smaller athlete, but he has a great gimmick and is awesome on the mic. His storylines have been very good too. Not to mention, he has very good in ring skill.

These are just a few young guys that are examples of men who should be pushed or are being pushed currently as a result of their talent. All are in different stages of their career right now.

Tyson Kidd falls under the category of Evan Bourne to me. Good skill in the ring, but lacks skill in key things such as mic skill and storyline ability.

Yet, they are giving him a the manager gimmick similar to what they did with Randy Savage or what TNA did with Robert Roode. The difference between those two and Kidd is that both were young in their career with the company like Kidd, but had great overall skill.

Roode could be the best rising talent in TNA right now, and we obviously know Randy Savage is a legend in this business and his manager Miss Elizabeth could be just as much a legend.

Kidd has big shoes to fill here obviously.

Now some would say my hate on Tyson is unwarranted. Who cares about mic skill when they have a manager speaking for him?

Bobby Heenan managed many names in this industry, but the memorable ones made him a top manager. This is why when he managed lesser known talent, that very talent got over. But without him, they crumbled.

Look at all the people Heenan managed. Guarantee you'll only know a handful of them.

Jimmy Hart is in the same boat, as are many of the top managers.

But WWE is doing something horrendously interesting. They are giving Kidd random managers, many of which have small managing experience, and they keep giving out new ones every week for him.

And the kicker in all of this, is that the focus is not on Kidd, but the manager he has every week.

I'd only care to watch, because I know Kidd will have a new manager. But then I'd see the manager and not care anymore. Plus, the biggest dumbness in all of this is that it's only being done on WWE Superstars, which is not on TV, but WWE.com.

Kidd has been on SmackDown a few times, but the managers didn't follow. He was alone on the show.

So, why in the hell would WWE do this on a show not nearly watched by half of the fans of WWE, but won't on one of their top shows?

Do they secretly know it's an idiotic idea?

The move in itself is dumb, not to give Kidd a manager, because that much is fine. But to keep giving him new ones every week just takes the focus off Tyson Kidd and that is by no means a push in the ring direction.

It's simply a gimmick that will in turn kill Tyson Kidd. Kidd is not over enough to not be hurt by this in the long run.

After this gimmick is over, then what happens?

Has WWE even thought that part out, or are they throwing random managers blindly at us?

Hey, maybe it's just me. Maybe, I simply am reading too much into this. What do you think?


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