My Rant on College Football

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IOctober 24, 2008

I, like many others believe that the BCS should drop the bowl games and start a playoff. It's the only logical thing to do. But it's looking more and more like it will never happen.

In college football, it's not how many wins you have—it's who you beat.

Maybe college football is afraid that SEC teams will run the table every year and the Ohio States and Missouris will never win a single postseason game. It could happen, you know.

Another thing: These schedules for the Ohio States and the Missouris should be toughened up a little. This year, my Bayou Bengals have played Florida and will play Georgia this weekend. Both have been mentioned in the championship conversation.

While we sit down here working our rears off, battling Florida, Georgia, and others while non-SEC teams are playing Ball State and Youngstown State. What's up with that?

A perfect example is Appalachian State beating Michigan. Look what the Tigers did to them in the season opener (the Tigers blew out Appy State, 41-13). You may say that this was because of home field advantage but don't forget that Michigan lost in their stadium, besides LSU had never played a game that early in the day, they had two young quarterbacks, and the threat of a hurricane looming over them. Many of their fans left early to begin preperations for the arrival of the hurricane (Hurricane Gustav made landfall on the coast of Louisiana on September 1rst). 

That is the very reason why the SEC has won the last two championships and will soon win their third in a row. Personally, I'm pulling for LSU, but Georgia, Florida, and even Alabama all have a chance, especially Florida.

Whoever faces an SEC team in the big game will not have an Ohio State fan's chance in the "Big House" of winning the championship.

Coming into next year, Ole Miss is also looking to enter that conversation. With a young quarterback in Jevan Snead and a great head coach in Houston Nutt, the Rebels are looking to be invited to the party. You might have seen what they did to the Gators...and what they almost did to Alabama.

Anyway, that's my take.