NFL: Bailey Brothers Need To Pull It Together For This Season or The Next

William LippContributor IOctober 22, 2008

Champ and Boss Bailey.  We all know who they are, but what we can't understand is why they can't stay on the field?

Did Momma Bailey not give them enough milk as kids?  Is Donovan McNabb hogging all the chunky soup in America?  Is Jesus himself upset that they don't use their christian names? (Roland and Rodney)

Why can't they stay healthy?

Sure Champ hasn't missed a lot of games, but he probably should have.  When healthy he is arguably the best cornerback in the NFL.  When playing at 50% or less he's average at best.  So he's been playing at a reduced rate, maybe he should've been getting a reduced paycheck?  Or somebody should've opened their mouths and gotten him off the field and into some physical therapy.  Finally after Monday's game, he left with a pulled groin.

Now Boss is worse.  Since signing with Denver he's shown us nothing.  He's a former 34th overall pick.  Not exactly a late pick.  Why isn't he producing more?  He showed so much promise in Detroit, but not here.  Not with his ankle and knee injury.  At least he's on the injured list now, maybe he'll get the rest and medical help he needs to come back strong in '09.

We shouldn't place everything on the Bailey Brothers. It isn't all their fault.  There hasn't been a real replacement for Al Wilson in anybody's plans, and for that we blame Shanahan.  Bring somebody in Mike! Use a high draft pick on a middle backer! It's not that hard!

Beyond that please somebody step up.  I don't know why teams are running their million dollar backs against Denver.  I mean really, sign an old lady out of the retirement home, she'll put up 100 yards on the pathetic thing they are calling a defense.

I will forever back Shanahan and he will get things straightened out soon.  But if Denver's defense is going to improve they'll need a healthy Champ back this season, and a healthy Boss next season.