UFC 130 Results: Why Jon Jones Would Defeat Rampage Jackson

Jonathan R.R. ClarkeContributor IIIMay 28, 2011

UFC 130 Results: Why Jon Jones Would Defeat Rampage Jackson

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    With UFC 130 just over the hill, I thought it was time for an article which looks past the event and makes some assumptions and predictions in the form of: IF Rampage overcomes Hamill tonight, will he be ready for a title shot against Jon Jones?

    A question that is on the minds of all UFC fans at the moment is can anyone challenge Jon Jones? At the age of just 23, he already holds the UFC light-heavyweight championship and possesses a very impressive record of 13-1 in his MMA career thus far. Even his loss to Matt Hamill was through disqualification due to illegal downward elbows.

    At nearly a decade older, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson holds all of the cards in terms of experience though, having fought and defeated the likes of Chuck Liddell, Lyoto Machida, Dan Henderson and Wanderlei Silva. With these fighters already in Rampage's graveyard, he has already proved to be a worthy contender at light heavyweight.

    However, Jones has the potential to be one of the greatest fighters of all time, and here are three reasons why he would defeat Rampage Jackson should they meet in the near future.

He's Undefeated

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    The first and most simple reason that I can't see Rampage Jackson beating Jon Jones is that he is undefeated so far. And, before anyone starts rolling off of their office chairs and screaming, "you, sir, are wrong!" I am not counting his loss to Hamill. It was a disqualification and Jones was absolutely destroying him.

    Anyway, as my father has always said, just like Rocky Marciano in boxing (or even Rickson Gracie in MMA), a fighter who has not been tested and defeated can NEVER be discounted. As the late, great Helio Gracie once said (about his son Rickson), "If no-one can test this man's limits, his limits will never be known and he shall remain undefeated."

    So far, this applies to Jon Jones.

    However he is still young and has never really faced a caliber of fighter such as Rampage Jackson.

    So, we will see.

He's Unpredictable

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    Unlike a lot of champions, such as Georges St-Pierre and his "jab, jab, superman punch, jab" routine, Jon Jones has an unpredictability about him which will keep any fighter on their toes and apprehensive throughout the entire fight. His ruthless knees against Bonnar still haunt me to this day and his spinning elbows and fast hands are elements of his game which make him the fighter he is today: virtually incomparable.

    No fighter, bar Anderson Silva, could claim to possess such unpredictability.

    Anderson Silva moving up to light heavyweight again to fight Jon Jones...now THAT would be an amazing contest!

    Anyway, I digress. I think Jones' unpredictable fighting style may cause a lot of problems for Rampage (and for any fighter for that matter), which is why I rate this quality an essential advantage in Jones' favor.

He's Younger and Therefore More Hungry

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    This is a questionable one, I know. At this level in the UFC, all fighters are "hungry." But there is hungry and there is HUNGRY. Jones is young, relatively new to the UFC, already holds the belt and holds the potential to be the light-heavyweight champion for a long time (unless Silva does move up weights again...please God), breaking records and earning hall of fame status.

    If these factors are not enough to drive Jones to victory over Rampage, should they meet, I don't know what would. The fact that Rampage has been there before could prove to be a disadvantage in these circumstances.

    In conclusion then, after watching Jones fight I find it hard to think of a true challenger to his belt at the moment. Rampage would really need to go on a rampage if he were to sneak this one.

    But it is all hypothetical, my dear MMA addicts. It is all hypothetical until we see, tonight, who will win—Rampage Jackson or Matt Hamill?

    Well...who do you think?

    And if Rampage were to get the shot against Jones, how do you see it going?

    Thanks for reading people!