WWE: My Monday Night Raw 5/30

Nate ScacciaAnalyst IIIMay 30, 2011

WWE: My Monday Night Raw 5/30

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    Hello Bleachers!

    Welcome to another of my fantasy shows. Before I get started lets do a quick recap of what happened last week on my show.

    John Cena started off the show celebrating his Over The Limit victory over the Miz. Alberto del Rio came down to challenge the champion only to be met by The Miz. With both men wanting a WWE Championship match the Raw GM announced that both men will compete with the winner being No.1 Contender.

    Drew McIntyre is now the No.1 Contender to Kofi Kingston's United States Championship. McIntyre defeated Dolph Ziggler, Evan Bourne and Chris Masters to win the title shot.

    Kharma made an apperance during the Gail Kim Kelly Kelly match. With Kharma's real life withdraw from the WWE, her involvement on my show will also be postponed.

    The Miz faced Kane for a chance at the No.1 Contendership for the WWE Championship. Alex Riley tried to help the Miz but ends up costing the Miz his chance at the contedership. The Miz snapped and took out Riley.

    Alberto del Rio was taking on The Big Show for his chance at No.1 Contendership for the WWE Championship when Alex Riley tried to cost him his chance. Riley ended up hitting Big Show with the briefcase instead, thus making Alberto del Rio the winner of the match and the No.1 Contender.

    In the main event, John Cena took on C.M. Punk. Before the match began, R-Truth demanded to be in the main event. The GM agreed and made the bout a Triple Threat match. R-Truth was ready to finish off C.M. Punk when Rey Mysterio distracted him, causing Truth to get hit with the GTS. Punk was then hit with an AA and Cena picked up the victory.

    What do I have in store for you this week? Lets find out.

Opening Segment

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    The Miz starts off the show, walking down the ramp with authority. The Miz grabs a mic and demands that Alex Riley come out to the ring. Riley walks down the ramp, mic in hand, ready to explain himself to The Miz. But his former boss doesn't want to hear any of it. He says that he would be the No.1 Contender if it had not been for Riley's interference.

    Riley counters by stating that The Miz would never even been considered for the WWE Championship had it not been for him getting the Miz to the top week-in and week-out. The Miz says that he made Riley what he is today. Without Riley there is still a Miz but without a Miz there is no Riley. Riley takes exception to this but Miz doesn't care.

    Riley says that if he is so sure of himself why not prove it, here tonight. The Miz says that he has nothing to prove and declines Riley's challenge. The Miz says that Riley is the one who needs to prove himself, not the other way around. Surprisingly, Riley agrees with the Miz. Riley says that if the Miz needs proving then he will get it.

    Riley goes nuts on the Miz, knocking him around the ring. Eventually, the two make their way outside. Riley grabs the ring bell and slams it over Miz's back. Riley continues the assault by throwing Miz onto the announce table and then into the steel steps. Miz is lying outside the ring motionless when Riley grabs a mic. Riley says that he has a few words that The Miz should be familiar with by now. Those words are, "I quit!"

    Riley resigns from his position and heads backstage. The Miz is pictured on the floor while we see our first match being advertised as we head to commercial.

    Writers Note: Yes I know that this is a lot like what happened on last week's actual Raw. I had plans of turning Riley on The Miz on this week's show anyway.

Match 1: Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly Take on the Bella Twins

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    Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly each make their way to the ring and await their opponents. The Bella's music hits and make their way to the ring.

    The match begins with Brie and Kelly starting things off. Kelly hits her usual moves starting things off well. The crowd is behind her when she hits her running bulldog. Kelly is on fire but Nikki comes in and knocks her down. Beth comes to the rescue and the two go outside the ring. Brie takes advantage of the distraction and pins Kelly for a two count. Brie musters up some offense and keeps Kelly grounded.

    By this time Beth has taken care of Nikki and is back at her corner. Brie still has control of Kelly and tags in Nikki. Nikki does a few slaps and taunts on Kelly before Beth wants to interfere. With the ref distracted Nikki takes some kind of perfume bottle out of her boot and sprays it in Kelly's eyes. Brie then switches into the ring and pins Kelly who is obviously in some pain.

    The referee turns around and calls the pin 1-2-3. The Bella's steal the victory yet again.

Match 2: Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston

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    Dolph Ziggler comes down to the ring and grabs a mic. He says that he got robbed last week and that he should be No.1 Contender for the U.S. title. He says that tonight he will prove it to the miserable Raw fans. With that, Kofi Kingston makes his way down to the ring and the match is underway.

    The match is not for the U.S. title.

    Kofi gets off to a quick start by hitting a few kicks and eventually a DDT on Ziggler. Ziggler rolls to the outside in disgust. Vicki tries to comfort him and gets him back on his feet only to have Kingston hit a big Diving Crossbody on Ziggler. Kofi jumps back into the ring with the crowd behind him. Ziggler is stunned on the outside as we go to commercial.

    Ziggler is back in the ring with Kofi still in control. Kofi has Ziggler in the corner and is ordered to back off by the referee. Ziggler takes advantage and pokes Kingston in the eye. Ziggler then hits a nice boot to the face of Kingston knocking him down. Ziggler then hits his patented running neck snap and goes for the pin, receiving a two count.

    Ziggler picks up Kofi only to be met with a swift gut kick from the U.S. Champion. Kofi then runs to the ropes and attempts to do a crossbody on Ziggler but Ziggler counters it into a powerslam pinning combo. Ziggler gets a very close two count as the match continues.

    Ziggler picks up Kofi and sets up for a fireman's carry gutbuster but Kingston counters it into a tornado DDT. Kofi musters up some offense on Ziggler. Eventually Kofi linues up his Boom Drop and nails it. Kingston now sounds his claps and the fans join in, Kofi is ready for the Trouble in Paradise. Kofi is just about ready to hit his move when.

    The No.1 contender Drew McIntyre's music hits and he comes out on the ramp. Kingston focuses his attention on "The Chosen One" long enough for Ziggler to hit a Zig-Zag on Kofi. Ziggler pins him and gets a three count.

    Drew stands on the ramp with a smirk while Ziggler stares back at him as we head to commercial.

Segment: John Cena Discusses Alberto Del Rio

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    We are met with Scott Stanford who is backstage with John Cena. Stanford asks Cena what he thinks of Del Rio and his new contendership.

    Cena says that Del Rio is a good fighter and great competitor. But, Cena says that Del Rio runs his mouth too much. All this talk about destiny this and destiny that is getting old. Cena says that Del Rio should worry about making his own destiny instead of waiting for it to be fulfilled.

    With that Del Rio makes an appearance of his own. Del Rio says that Cena is the one who needs to worry. Alberto tells Cena that he is more concerned with making the little kids happy then he is about fighting. Del Rio tells Cena that a real champion doesn't worry about little kids, he worries about getting the job done.

    Del Rio winks at Cena and walks off as we head back to ringside with Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole and Josh Matthews.

Match 3: Jack Swagger and R-Truth Take on Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne

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    Our three commentators welcome us back after our interview and we are ready for our tag match to begin. Out first is Jack Swagger then his partner R-Truth comes out and cuts his usual promo about the people being hypocrites and a problem. He says something about "Little Jimmy" and then walks to the ring.

    Out comes Evan Bourne followed by Rey Mysterio. The match is ready to begin, and our referee rings the bell.

    Bourne and Swagger start off. Evan Bourne quickly hits a hurricanrana on Swagger who immediately tags in Truth. Truth is ready to brawl with the high flyer and goes to work, quickly grounding Bourne. Bourne is getting pushed around inside the ring and is eventually thrown into the ring post. Truth grabs Bourne and hits a nice Belly-to-Belly suplex on him. Mysterio tries to come in the ring but the referee stops him. This allows Truth to remove the turnbuckle cover and continue his offensive.

    Truth is setting up for some sort of bulldog but it is countered and Truth lands head first into the exposed turnbuckle. With the fans cheering Bourne tags in Mysterio who wastes little time taking out Swagger then R-Truth. Mysterio is doing all kinds of high flying moves on Truth who can do little to stop him. Truth is knocked to the outside where his partner, Swagger is also.

    Mysterio goes for a diving crossbody and nails it on Swagger and Truth. Bourne then comes from the top rope with a moonsault on Swagger. Mysterio and Bourne have all the momentum. Truth and Swagger discuss what they can do to stop this offensive. Truth is the legal man and gets back in the ring to take on Mysterio.

    Mysterio is going for a hurricanrana but Truth counters it into a facebuster and tags in Swagger. Swagger immediately jumps in the ring and puts Mysterio in the Ankle Lock. Mysterio is crawling to his partner and after a long 15 seconds he tags in Evan Bourne.

    Bourne comes of the rope and lands a nice tornado DDT on Swagger. Truth tries to help his partner but he meets a swift kick and a hurricanrana from Bourne. Truth gets knocked to the outside, leaving Swagger and Bourne in the ring. Bourne sets up for his Shooting Star Press and hits it on Swagger. Bourne gets the pinfall and his team wins.

    Truth is angry with Swagger and takes out his frustration on the "All American American." Truth walks up the ramp in disgust as Mysterio and Bourne celebrate.

    We head to commercial as our main event is advertised.

Match 4: David Otunga and Zack Ryder

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    Before the match begins, C.M. Punk is backstage wanting to know why Otunga has not been very productive lately. Before Otunga answers, Punk sends him out to his match. Punk says that if he does not win tonight, he will have to face extreme consequences.

    Otunga comes out to the ring, his opponent is none other than Long Island Iced-Z Zack Ryder. The match is under way with Otunga mounting a quick offensive. He is simply over-powering Ryder. Otunga is hitting move after move on Ryder. This has all the makings of a squash match until Ryder manages to kick Otunga in the jaw and hit a DDT. Ryder follows this up with two closelines and an elbow drop.

    Ryder signals the crowd to join in and he gets a big "WOO WOO WOO" from the fans. Just as Ryder turns around however, Otunga hits him with a huge closeline. Otunga starts taunting the fans and is ready to end the match but before he can do anything more, Ryder rolls him up for the three count.

    Zack Ryder has defeated David Otunga! The New Nexus is shown backstage. Punk simply looks on in disgust as we head back ring side for our Capitol Punishment promo.

Main Event: John Cena and Alberto Del Rio

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    For our main event, John Cena will be taking on Alberto Del Rio in a Capital Punishment preview.

    Del Rio is first out in another beautiful car. Cena then comes out and gives his shirt to a little six year old boy sitting ring side. He looks at Del Rio while doing this to get into his head.

    The match is under way with Del Rio putting Cena in a headlock and then hitting a nice dropkick. Del Rio does a little taunt and receives good heat for it. Cena is up and hits a shoulder block and a closeline. Cena throws Del Rio into the corner and gives him an old fashioned ten-punch.

    Cena then sets up for the Five-Knuckle-Shuffle and hits it on Del Rio. Alberto rolls to the outside and tries to recover.

    Cena comes out to grab Del Rio but Alberto throws Cena's arm into the steel ring post and eventually the steel steps. The referee is up to a count of seven as Del Rio continues assaulting Cena. The count is up to nine and Del Rio shows no intention of throwing Cena back into the ring.

    The referee calls for the bell and the match is a draw. Del Rio shows little concern as he continues to assault Cena.

    Del Rio locks in his armbar submission hold for a good 20 seconds before releasing it. Cena is in pain as Del Rio looks for something else to use against Cena. Cena eventually comes around and lands some punches on Del Rio. Cena has Del Rio stunned as he sets up for an Attitude Adjustment. He lands the AA on Del Rio and is ready for the STFU.

    Cena locks it in but cannot hold it on long for the damage done to his arm by Del Rio's attack. Del Rio quickly takes advantage of this and puts Cena through the barricade at ringside.

    Our last sight as we head to our closing of the show is Del Rio standing at ringside winking at a pain-ridden Cena.