WWE Creative Needs To End the Anonymous RAW GM Angle (and How They Can Do It)

Cody MusgroveContributor IIMay 27, 2011

The RAW GM has jumped the shark.  It's time for something new.
The RAW GM has jumped the shark. It's time for something new.

If Over the Limit was any indication, the WWE appears to be in a creative slump.  That card was one of the more predictable in recent memory. 

There was a bright side to it though, in that many feuds were wrapped up.  With many Superstars in storyline limbo, Creative can use this opportunity to push new talent and fix the lopsided RAW heel-to-face ratio at the same time. 

It's quite simple, really.

It's time to end the Anonymous RAW General Manager angle, and The Miz is the Superstar to do it.

Everyone in the IWC seems to agree that the "Anonymous GM" angle has lost its impact over the past few months.  For a time, it was an excellent conversation piece for fans to debate who the GM might be.  Guesses ranged from Vince McMahon to Hornswoggle.  There was even speculation that it might be a WWE Legend such as Kevin Nash. 

But the longer it goes on, fan interest dwindles.

As it stands today, Creative appears to be working on a Miz vs. Alex Riley feud.  Now, it's no secret that the WWE believes that Miz will be a top Superstar for some time.  They've put him over hard during the past few months, including a WrestleMania main-event victory over the company's top face. 

A feud with Riley is a mid-card booking at best, effectively erasing all the work they've done to get Miz over as a top heel.

Authority figures have generally been some of the most despised figures in wrestling, such as Mr. McMahon in the '90s and Eric Bischoff with WCW.  Anyone entering a feud with them was almost guaranteed to turn face.  Stone Cold Steve Austin didn't become a game-changer until his feud with Mr. McMahon.

During his title reign, The Miz frequently blamed the RAW GM for his problems, even cutting a few in-ring promos addressing it. The Miz could ultimately blame his recent misfortunes on the GM. 

The GM in turn could use other Superstars to do his bidding until he's forced to reveal himself at a later date.  The Miz is charismatic enough to carry this feud until the end, and since the heel is a faceless enemy, The Miz would get tremendous exposure every week.

A feud with the GM could accomplish several things.

It could turn Miz face, which is needed on a heel-heavy RAW, without losing his push or changing his character (Stone Cold used many heel tactics against McMahon).  Secondly, it would get rid of a stale angle and give the WWE fans a change to look forward to. 

And lastly, it would get rid of that annoying inbox sound.