Assassination of Character: The Problem with the Brett Favre Sabotage Story

Anthony MarksonContributor IOctober 21, 2008

Brett Favre is a treacherous and cowardly traitor with no morals or ethics.

At least, this is what is insinuated in a recent article written by Fox Sports columnist Jay Glazer. Glazer wrote:

"Several sources have told FOX Sports that Favre earlier this year phoned the Detroit Lions prior to their battle versus Favre's old team,the Green Bay Packers, and gave them a rundown of the nuances of what Green Bay does on offense. According to the sources, Favre actually spent over an hour on the phone with Lions coaches, who were connected with Favre by then-team president Matt Millen."

Wow! That is one hell of a scoop!

Wish the article was a bit more solid though. Essentially the piece reads:

'Psst, hey over here. Can you keep a secret? Hey, I heard Brett Favre called someone on the Lions before their big game with Green Bay and was sharing his insights on the Packers offensive schemes.'

Fox Sports also reported through league spokesman Greg Aiello that no violation occurred according to the details given in Glazer's report. A point noted by Jay Glazer himself in the article.

The question in all of this that begs to be asked is, if this is legal, no violation occurred, no benefit was gained from it, and no fine or penalty will ever be imposed, then why all the vague secrecy and lack of detail from these said sources?

Let me be clear, a journalist should always protect any sources that for whatever reason choose not to reveal themselves, but what possible reason could several sources all have to cower in the shadows if no violation occurred?

To insult a man's honor, a man's insult someone's character, to do that is just as bad as slapping them in the face. Maybe worse.

So how can allegations such as these be taken seriously without knowing the tip came from a disgruntled Green Bay water boy who never got an autograph?

Maybe a Packer executive proposed the scenario to another team exec before it reached the media so Favre becomes the bad guy and Rogers gains momentum with fans?

I'm not implying that happened, but it's very possible.

I mean, there are no facts or comments suggesting it's not true so it must be the truth!

See how that works?

None of us should take this as a reflection on Glazer, I'm sure he put as much info in to the article as he could without revealing his sources. However, you must consider the motive of these sources and their anonymity since as they don't have a reason to fear repercussions.

Also, consider the lack of factual information. Favre apparently "gave them a rundown of the nuances of what Green Bay does on offense." What does that mean really? What is meant by "nuances?"

Was this a detailed breakdown of how they attack certain schemes along with preferred routes and check-down options? Or was this a casual football conversation with gems like "they like to run the play action on third and short?"

If it is true a conversation between Favre and unnamed Lions staff did happen, certainly it is possible to have an hour long casual conversation on NFL strategy and trends without it being sinister. Such talk happens on a routine basis in basements, living rooms, and fantasy football blogs every Sunday.

Are we to believe players and coaches don't talk shop on their downtime without the intention of delivering devious and sinister blows that in essence would cripple their former teams?!

The fact is if Green Bay has been using the same strategies on offense year to year since 1992 with no change, so that Favre could possibly use that information against them then...

there's not much of a story, because as bad of an organization as Detroit is, I'm sure they have employed team scouts since '92, when Favre began playing for the Pack.

How much could Favre had told them that Detroit's paid scouts, defensive players, or coaches should have known?

Also, this is a Green Bay with a new running game and a new quarterback in Aaron Rodgers, who despite comparisons is quite different from Favre in a number of ways.

You mean to tell me that with all of Favre's football knowledge, he was so eager to sabotage the Packers, that he did not take into account that a pro football team would make changes in their approach to compliment changes in personnel and performance?

You mean the Lions never thought about that either before allegedly eating up Favre's advice in a losing effort?

Sorry, maybe I'm just one of those crazy football fans who believe in crazy things like proof and details, but the details I do know are that Favre played 16 seasons for Green Bay

He played hard.

He played hurt.

He played with heart.

If Brett Favre is to be condemned now, let him be condemned by facts and truths.