Brett Favre Collaborates Against Packers: Steps Way Out of Bounds

Ben KnoeckContributor IOctober 21, 2008

The recent reports that Jets quarterback Brett Favre collaborated with then Detroit G.M. Matt Milan and Coach Rod Marinelli have left me disgusted.

Favre apparently spoke with one or both of these men for 60-90 minutes, prior to the Sept. 14th matchup between the Packers and Lions.

The three men allegedly went over the cadences that Favre used during his 16 seasons with the Packers.

To Favre's credit he has come out and said none of this is true. Like when he said he wasn't un-retiring.

If any or all of this is true, the ramifications dished out by the Packers, and more importantly their fans should be swift and harsh.

His jersey should not be retired, and there should be serious discussion, within the organization, as to the Hall of Fame status of Favre.

In my opinion, if Favre did collaborate with an opposing team against his former he should be taken off of any jersey retirement/Packers Hall of Fame list.

The relationship between the two powers was already shaky after an ugly, summer long divorce, but this is just too far.

Favre didn't just cross the green and gold line this time, he stepped out of bounds and effectively ruined his relationship with the fans and organization in Green Bay.

I'm not calling for jersey burnings and/or protests outside his recently for sale house, but Favre is clearly suffering from pre-mature Alzheimer's. 

He should be given a safety on this one, and two points should be taken. Point 1: No jersey retirement. Point 2: No Packers Hall of Hall induction.


Note: Jay Glazer of Foxs broke this story. Later he said multiple current Jets players said that Favre is still "pissed" with Green Bay.