WWE "Over the Limit" 2011 : Bleacher Report Prediction League

Josh LoganAnalyst IMay 22, 2011

It is time to take yourself Over The Limit!  The last WWE installment was full of extreme rules, but it's now time to put your pedal to the metal and see what happens next.

People are looking for redemption tonight.  Some people are out to make someone quit.  And a few people can't wait to see what Kharma is going to do to Kelly Kelly.

Without any further adieu let's get this League started.

ANYONE CAN JOIN THE LEAGUE AT ANY TIME!  If you miss this pay-per-view or someone couldn't make it, that's OK, you can join in on the next one.

Each PPV will be worth up to 30 points. No match will be worth more than five points. There will not be bonus questions worth points this year.

I would like you if you can to give a reason for why you are picking who you are picking to win, this way we can create more debate and conversation for the league. And if there is debate, please be respectful to your fellow league competitors, or you will be removed from the league.

The Underdog Award will not be in effect this week.

The results of each Prediction League will be posted by Wednesday of each following week, so get on me to get them out this year, ha ha.  TNA Sacrifice's Results will be up by the end of tonight.


Match 1 - World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs Christian - Four points

Match 2 - (I Quit match) WWE Champion John Cena  vs The Miz - Three points

Match 3 - WWE Tag Team Champions Big Show and Kane vs CM Punk and Mason Ryan - Four points

Match 4 - Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs Ezekiel Jackson - Three points

Match 5 - Divas Champion Brie Bella vs Kelly Kelly - Two points

Match 6 - Sin Cara vs Chavo Guerrero - Two points

Match 7 - (Kiss my Foot Match) (If Jerry loses he must give Cole his Hall of Fame ring and induct Cole into the WWE Hall of Fame) Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole - Three points

Match 8 - Rey Mysterio vs R-Truth - Three points

Copy and Paste the template below into the comment box and fill in your answers :

M1 -
M2 -
M3 -
M4 -
M5 -
M6 -
M7 -
M8 -


Happy Predicting Day!  The Next League Event is TNA Slammiversary on June 12th!

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