WWE: Is It Time for Paul Burchill to Make His Return?

Nate ScacciaAnalyst IIIMay 24, 2011

Remember Paul Burchill?

Paul Burchill had many gimmicks during his career with the WWE. He started off as William Regal's tag team partner, then transitioned into a fan favorite pirate character before ending up in a "sibling" angle with his "sister" Katie Lea Burchill. Personally, I think it is time for Burchill to return under his pirate gimmick.

When Burchill became a pirate he was a fan favorite and that was before the PG era. In today's time, Burchill could be a huge fan favorite. The only reason Burchill dropped the pirate gimmick was because Mr. McMahon didn't think it could not work in the WWE. He didn't seem to notice the crowd reaction to Burchill's gimmick. Everyone loved the idea of a pirate and the fans were behind him.

With today's younger crowd and the success of Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean series, there is no reason that this gimmick could not work today. Burchill was a good wrestler and was not bad on the mic. He has the skills needed to become a good superstar.

I think a return of his character would help the WWE's transition into entertainment as well. While I personally do not agree with the PG era or the lack of "attitude" in today's WWE, I do understand that it is a business and is around to make money.

If I were one of the WWE's higher up figures, I would be suggesting to Vince McMahon that Paul Burchill be brought back to the WWE as a pirate. There was nothing wrong with the gimmick when Vince got rid of it and there is nothing wrong with it now.

Since Burchill left the WWE in 2010, he has been wrestling on the independent circuit. His last match was on April 23rd, where he competed in the Heartland Cup Tournament.

He is still in shape, is still young (only 31) and is still able to give the WWE another go around. Lately, WWE programming has been rather boring and uneventful. By bringing in a character like Burchill's, the WWE would be able to add some excitement to the show.

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