Haters Are Gonna Hate: Cruel Words Aimed at Randy Savage

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIMay 21, 2011

Go on any wrestling Web site, forum or any place where talking about wrestling is a common occurrence, you'll see plenty of wrestling fans expressing their sorrows for the recent lost of Randy Savage. Fans would speak of remembering classic moments such as Savage's SummerSlam wedding to his awesome team up with Hulk Hogan

We laughed as we remembered those Slim Jim commercials.  We all repeated memorable quotes such as, "Oooooooh YEEEAAAH," "The tower of power, too sweet to be sour," and my personal favorite, ""Elizabeth...Elizabeth...will you marry me?" We all discussed and mourned for the memories and moments of Randy Savage.

I happened upon an article on Yahoo that was about the passing of Randy Savage and decided to go straight to the comments section. People that comment on Yahoo articles are varied in opinions, background and many that read the news articles are not IWC wrestling fans or even watches wrestling.

I see the typical and, by now, common comments of sadness for the passing of a wrestling legend. To my surprise, there were some very intense negative comments that were aimed at Savage and at the world of pro-wrestling. Here are a few of the hate filled comments for all to see:

Finally, some good news for once. This clown was dumber than a bag of hammers! Rest in pieces!

i love the way these inbred rednecks call this roid freak a 'legend'......a legend of what? staged fights? who cant do that? idiots

look up loser in the dictionary ,there will be a picture of this guy.

Phony sport, phony man. Thanks for dying Macho Man.

NO ONE will miss this abuser NO ONE. good riddance to a very poor role model. He was not even very good at his fake job.

Big whoop. Wrestling is stupid and so are the fans. Good riddance. One less idiot to breathe the air of those WORTHY of breathing.

1 less idiot out of the way......not to be heard from again....please god....make it so for the rest of the WWE...amen

Now, when I read these comments, a lot of feelings went through me ranging to totally pissed off that people would make comments like these towards someone who recently died to wondering why people would say spew words of hatred such as these.

After reading those comments, I bet you were thinking about the counter arguments you would have used to make these individuals understand from our point of views.

The sad fact is that people are going to hate and say ignorant things despite not understanding the subject matter. We could explain to them the difference with fake and scripted.

We could go on for hours explaining why this man was a legend, such as the fact he came from an era where there were no scripts to be read as he had to come up with his own material or how he was great in-ring technician.

I'm all for freedom of speech fellas, but seriously it is just downright wrong and crossing a line when you announce how your ever-so-happy someone died and how people are idiots for idolizing that individual. Let's make some comparisons, shall we, in regards to other greats who have died in their specialized fields.

You have Micheal Jackson who was a phenomenal singer and dancer, but I have seen and heard people say how they are glad that this "child molester" died even when it is well known that he was found unanimously not guilty of all charges by the jury on June 13, 2005.

Also, there was Steve Irwin who died by being stabbed by a stingray. Some people were glad that Steve died as they thought he was an idiot for messing with dangerous animals and that he had it coming for years, when in reality he dealt with dangerous animals to save them and their environment. He had the goal of educating the public on the animals he encounter to the benefit of everyone. 

The point I'm making here is that almost everyone has an idol or someone they look upon fondly as in our case with the views of Randy Savage. There will always be haters and ignorant people who will make comments that will be jarring to read. That's the world we live in and we must accept it whether we like it or not.

If you encounter comments of similar nature, it's best not to comment back as there is a chance they'll insult you or not listen while containing to make ignorant comments about pro-wrestling.

If you must comment then do so in a dignified manner that shows people that WE ARE NOT "stupid inbred rednecks." If they continue spewing hatred then bid them farewell as you'll continue to uphold the memory of Randy Savage while also being proud to call yourself a pro-wrestling fan.