The Main Reason For The Cardinals Success: Kurt Warner

Shane HouseAnalyst IOctober 18, 2008

Kurt Warner has been spectacular so far to say the least. At the age of 37, Kurt Warner has played so well, that the Cardinals stalled the development of Matt Leinhart just to play him. He has been spectacular in most games averaging about 280 yards a game along with having a seventy percent completion percentage while also not fumbling the ball which has been Kurt Warner’s downfall in the past.

The thing that impresses me the most is his ability to adapt this season. With Anquan Boldin going down after a hit that made Warner question if he should be playing, people questioned if he could do well without his favourite target on the field.

Yes he could.

Not only did he do well, he did even better.

Since Boldin’s injury, Kurt Warner has been 55-for-72 for 486 yards with four touchdowns and only one interception.  He singlehandedly picked apart two teams whose combined record after four games was 8-0. He has made Steve Breaston go from an average third wide receiver to an amazing starter, and, with his favourite target coming back in Boldin, I can only see this offense go from awesome to scary.

With the bye week being this week for the Cardinals, there might be a few things for them to work on. They should start trying to tighten up there defense. They are getting better but still need a little work on the secondary.

Their running game needs a little work but besides that I don’t see anything wrong with this team, and I see absolutely everything going right for Kurt Warner. He deserves all the credit he has been receiving and it couldn't be going to a nicer guy.

With a hot team in the Cards going into an always solid team in Carolina, I see the makings of a great game and if the Cardinals can pullout another win. I see a playoff team that will be hard to beat.