The First Tigers' Loss...For Me: Slow Death At The Hands Of Tim Tebow

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IOctober 18, 2008

When LSU's schedule was released, I saw the Florida game and immediately marked it off as a tough game with Tim Tebow having the time of his life there and all.

I thought that LSU would at least make a game of it, but they didn't and we lost 51-21. That is that biggest loss that LSU has suffered since 1996 when they also lost to Florida. Florida racked up 56 points, LSU's score was low and therefore doesn't matter anymore.

This was the first loss, that I, as a Tiger fan, have encountered first hand. Let me explain. I first became a Tiger fan in the JaMarcus Russell days, when LSU trounced Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl, 41-14.

I immediately jumped on to the Purple and Gold bandwagon seeing as how I live on the Gulf Coast and the other two teams closest to me (Mississippi State and Ole Miss) have problems winning.

When Matt Flynn took the reigns of the team, I cheered him and the rest of the Tigers on each Saturday. They made some remarkable plays. No on can forget the fake field goal against South Carolina, "The Catch" against Auburn, and the other great plays of 2007.

After the Tigers won the National Championship game, I eagerly anticipated the 2008 season seeing as how Ryan Perriloux was starting to look like a pretty good quarterback.

But Ryan crushed all of our dreams and got himself dismissed from the team. He now plays for lowly Jacksonville State. Andrew Hatch and Jarrett Lee were then seen to be battling for the starting position.

Hatch suffered a head injury in the game at Auburn and Lee was the starter from then on. Don't get me wrong, I want to see Lee succeed, but I don't trust the kid yet, I trusted Matt Flynn, Ryan Perriloux, and JaMarcus Russell but Lee hasn't proved himself to me yet.

Now to get back to the original subject, I said that the Florida loss was the first one that I have ever suffered as a fan. Now you, the reader, may be wondering about the losses that LSU suffered to Arkansas and Kentucky last year.

I was out of town for those games so the loss didn't really affect me as it would have if I would've been here.

Tonight, LSU plays South Carolina, if they lose tonight, I will still be a Tiger fan but it will become of of those "wait till next year" years for me. And as a Saints fan also, I've seen plenty of those already.