NBA Draft 2011: Watch Marshon Brooks' Workout with Tim Grover

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When you opened up this article many of you probably asked yourselves:

"Who is Marshon Brooks and why is this important?"

My answer would be because we may see some superstar scoring talent right in front of our eyes that will get passed on by many teams who will end up regretting it.  Marshon Brooks played for a sorry Providence team in the Big East, which is the main reason all this talent has many questions to his ability to play on a winning team.

Brooks got most of his publicity after scoring 52 points on Notre Dame, which ended in an unfortunate loss. His scoring didn't just come on one night either, Brooks averaged 24.6 ppg and rebounded fairly well at 7 rpg. Here is Chad Ford from ESPN's story on seeing his pre-draft workout with legend trainer Tim Grover:

Within minutes of walking into the gym, it was clear that Brooks was playing at a completely different level than I'm used to seeing from college prospects. As I moved over to Grover, I began to grill him.

"Who does he remind you of?" Grover grinned. I was afraid to answer. Grover smiled and said, "There's a little bit of Kobe in him, isn't there?" He had read my mind.

Grover has been working on tweaking his shot mechanics and he's shooting the ball much better. But it's Brooks' ability to put the ball on the floor and get buckets that's notable -- even a little Kobe-esque. His lateral quickness, step-backs and aggressiveness were as impressive as anything I've seen this year.


Off the court, Brooks came off as very focused and intense. He's very serious and confident in a way that could be read as cocky. But he has the respect of everyone in the gym and Grover said he's a very hard worker.

From a trainer that took Michael Jordan's game to the next level, I would take his word considering the potential Brooks has in his game. Brooks shouldn't be a top-five pick but I believe that by the end of the season, Brooks will be the best sleeper in this draft.

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