Mike Skinner, With a Little Luck, Will Race Against His Son at Martinsville

Horn FanSenior Writer IOctober 17, 2008

Mike Skinner has had a great career in NASCAR, both as a driver and as a mentor to both drivers or struggling teams.

But one thing, he's never done is race against either of his sons.

That could all change this weekend at Martinsville if his youngest son, Dustin, can qualify for the Kroger 200 on Saturday.

Dustin Skinner, 23, will be driving the No. 03 Germain Racing Toyota and needs to qualify on speed Saturday morning.

But both are excited about the possibility for them to race against each other and hope Mother Nature doesn't interfere canceling qualifying. Like she did to Cup for the second week in a row.

Dustin has been paying his dues racing on Florida tracks. But he's earned it, just like Junior he's had to earn it, struggling on a limit budget and paying his dues. It's made him a really talented driver, one that we'll be hearing a lot about as he moves up the NASCAR ladder and his dad's so proud of him.

If he runs well this Saturday, don't be surprised to see a team give him the opportunity to move up with a development contract.

After all, he has tested in his dad's No. 5 BDR truck, and obviously he impressed someone to get a chance at trucks.

While Mike Skinner is excited about his son Dustin making his debut at Martinsville. He'll be concentrating on his own truck. Let Germain Racing and Mike Hillman Sr. help Dustin. Though he will discuss things with him, give him advice and somethings Germain Racing will have to answer.

Skinner said, "Obviously, I have to be very, very careful of being too involved and trying to help too much because that's a distraction in itself. I've got to take my hat off to [general manager] Mike Hillman Sr." (scenedaily.com)

Dustin's just excited to have the chance to race against his dad, have the opportunity to race in a NASCAR series and to make his debut at Martinsville. Just like his dad and brother Jamie have done in the past.

Now if only Mother Nature will compile so qualifying runs as scheduled Saturday morning and the Skinners get the chance for a little family competition at the historic track.