Chicago Bears: Previewing The Orange Swarm

Craig NuzzoCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2008

To be honest, Da Bears have done a lot better than I originally thought.

My expectations before the season began were the Minnesota Vikings being at the very top of the division.

It seems that may not be the case anymore.

The Bears and Vikings have incredibly close numbers thus far. Besides the obvious 3-3 record, the Bears average 118.3 rushing yards per game while the Vikings average 124 yards, Chicago averages 218.7 passing yards per game while the Vikings average 201.7 yards.

Offense doesn't show the only similarities, defensively the Bears and the Vikings have shown surprisingly close numbers. Chicago allow an average of 73.7 rushing yards per game while the Vikings allow 74.3 per game. The passing game average per game is just over 200 yards for each team.

I predict this game to be heavy on the airtime.

So, what should Lovie Smith and his oranged jersey team do this Sunday?

Continue playing exceptional "Chicago" Offense: For Chicago football, offensive production, 3rd Down conversions have never seemed to come easy. So far this season, the Bears offense has not been the problem.

Kyle Orton needs to throw the ball like a pro: In the NFL it's not acceptable to over throw a receiver or mess up a route. Orton needs to make his completions with control. That doesn't mean he can't make a big play every blue moon.

Establish the run: Even though Matt Forte has looked impressive with a total of 459 yards and 3 TDs this season, that doesn't mean slow down, he still needs to play. Are we going to see another 100+ yard game or what? The Bears have always been a running team. It will also allow Orton more opportunities to perfect his pass plays.

Play some huge "D" against that "star" named Adrian: Have you seen Adrian Peterson lately? That guy has some guns. We need to unload those arms before he starts dominating the stats. If the Saints can hold him to 32 rushing yards, I'm sure Chicago can too. Even so, I am still waiting for his huge offensive production. Hopefully it's not in Week 7.

Take-down Gus: Da Bears love to rush the pass quick and often. Expect the Vikings quarterback, Gus Frerotte, to dance around.

Deny former teammate Bernard Berrian: Berrian will be a huge target for Gus down field. Berrian caught 241 yards while scoring 2 touchdowns in his last two games. Note: Berrian could be more of a threat if Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher sit out for the Bears due to unfortunate injuries.

Stay healthy: With the only two conerbacks, Grahm and rookie Bowman, not on the injury list, Chicago cannot afford anymore injuries if they want to be serious contenders. This has been an issue in the past.

Bear Down: Chicago should be 6-0, not 3-3. A win against the division rivals, Minnesota Vikings, will provide confidence and prove Da Bears are a true contender in the NFC North.