Bernard Berrian Returns to Windy City

Joey MillerContributor IOctober 16, 2008

It will be strange for Chicago Bear fans at the game Sunday. Know why? If you guessed because of Bernard Berrian that is the correct answer.

Bernard Berrian will be on the Minnesota sideline instead of the Chicago sideline. Berrian came to the Minnesota Vikings this past February when free agency opened. It was a sure thing for the Vikings, who had a horrible air attack last season, to pick up the play maker.

The 28-year-old play maker has been a game changer the past three weeks, with almost 100 yards per game as a Minnesota Viking.

“It’s definitely going to be a tough game, hostile environment,” Berrian said. “I can’t wait.”

Minnesota’s offense hasn’t been consistent in, or in some games simply capable of, fueling confidence for the fans—let alone lift the Vikings to the top of the NFC.

Most players were quick to express disappointment in the boos and anti-Childress chants last week, especially since they came during a win over Detroit. However, Berrian actually sounded close to apologetic for the offensive performance.

“I just have to be patient,” Berrian said, “because sometimes they come in bunches and other times they don’t.”

“He’s fast. He’s a deep threat. He is a Pro Bowl-caliber receiver. He just hasn’t been one. He has that potential,” said Bears cornerback Charles Tillman, who had countless one-on-one matchups with Berrian in practice over the previous four years.

Tillman hurt his left shoulder last week, and his status for Sunday’s game is in question. He didn’t participate in Thursday’s practice, and Berrian probably wouldn’t mind seeing a backup lined up across from him on Sunday.

The Bears didn’t begrudge his departure, but they certainly don’t want that breakout game to come at Soldier Field this weekend.

“He got a great deal there. We’re happy whenever some of our guys get set up for life,” coach Lovie Smith said. “I know he’s happy up there, so it worked out well for him.”