Week 7 Picks: One Man's Guide on How To Strike It Rich

Michael PeresContributor IOctober 16, 2008

I meant to start writing these articles when the season started, but because I am lazy and swamped at work I'm just now getting around to trying to make everyone who reads these things a little extra money.

Most people prefer betting college assuming it is more predictable then the NFL and I couldn't disagree more.  After the enormous spreads and new found parody in the NCAA I get nervous every Saturday morning.

I've been betting NFL and college football for as long as I remember, however, due to time constraints I am just going to go through all the NFL games for the week along with my picks. The lines are brought to you courtesy of Bodog and the home teams are in all caps.  Enjoy!

Titans (-8.5) over CHIEFS: I honestly think this Chiefs team is one of the two worse teams in the NFL and can't possibly imagine how they are putting up more then 6 points on a defense full of studs in Tennessee. Final score: Titans 24 Chiefs 6

Chargers (-1) over BILLS: As tough as it is to travel across the country and go from your hometown of about 75 degrees to play in a place that is probably going to be about 40.  With Trent Edwards banged up and the Chargers romping last week with LT not doing much I'm going with the better team.  Final score: Chargers 27 Bills 20

Steelers (-10) over BENGALS: I know I'm taking a lot of favorites on the road early, it just seems that the Steelers are going to blow the Bengals out of this one.  Ryan Fitzpatrick has looked terrible and this will be the easiest team the Steelers have faced. Coming off a bye week with Willie Parker looking like he might play, this one has blowout written all over it.  Final score: Steelers 38 Bengals 16

Ravens (+3) over DOLPHINS:  As bad as the Ravens looked last week they looked just as good the weeks before.  The Dolphins just had a brutal loss to the Texans even though they are a ton better then most people thought they would be.  Hard for me to believe the Ravens will be fooled by the wild hog offense.  Final score: Ravens 16 Dolphins 14

Cowboys (-7) over RAMS:  This line was taken off due to Romo saying he might play, whatever it ends up at I would take the Cowboys.

BEARS (-3) over Vikings:  The Bears just look like the better team even after that loss to Atlanta which is much better then people think.  Adrian Peterson has done nothing with teams loading up to stop him and with Gus on the road, this win will get the Bears back on track. Final score: Bears 22 Vikings 17

PANTHERS (+1.5) over Saints:  This division is so weird I have no idea who to take in this game, so I just went with the points and the home team.  Final score: Panthers 28 Saints 27

GIANTS (-10) over 49ers:  O'Sullivan flying cross country against the defending champs after they lose to the atrocious Rams.  Giants will not be happy and will take it out on the lukewarm 49ers.  Final score: Giants 37 49ers 10

Lions (+9) over TEXANS:  I can't believe I'm actually backing the Lions, but the Texans make every game they play  a down to the wire finish, and surely the Lions will step up in one game this season right?  Final score: Texans 26 Lions 21

Jets (-3) over RAIDERS:  The Raiders are one of the worse teams in the league right now hands down.  They have 3 running backs that split carries, an inaccurate QB, and a coach who last coached Idaho to an 11-34 record. The Jets on the other hand aren't amazing but will definetly cover this spread.  Final score: Jets 30 Raiders 13

REDSKINS (-7.5) over Browns:  If this game was played last Sunday the line would be 13 or 14.  I'm going with both of those games these teams played last week were flukes and order will be restored.  Final score: Redskins 29 Browns 16

Colts (-2.5) over PACKERS:  The Colts last week looked like the Colts of old, and with everyone getting healthier and hanging up over 30 on the Ravens defense this could be the game that puts the Colts back in the top 5 of everyone's power polls.  Final score: Colts 34 Packers 24

Seahawks (+11) over BUCS:  Remind me not to watch this game.  Buccaneers are very good this just seems like one of those games that you should go the other way on and becomes close for no logical reason.  Final Score: Bucs 21 Seahawks 12

PATRIOTS (-3) over Broncos:  I flip flopped on this game several times and really don't like either team.  Both squads looked atrocious last weekend so I'll go with the Pats since if they win this game it might save their season.  Just feels like they have more on the line, plus playing at home never hurts.  Final score: Patriots 31 Broncos 27



 Record for the week: 8-5