Boston Massacre: Rays Win 13-4, Put Sox on Brink of Elimination

Alex PotterCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2008

Is this familiar enough yet?

Each time we have won the World Series, the Boston Red Sox have been on the brink of elimination. This is getting out of hand, though.

Yesterday morning I wrote an article explaining how, if the Red Sox lost last night, the series would end in Boston and the Rays would take the Boston road trip three games to nothing. Sadly, as a Red Sox fan, this is coming true. Trust me: Every jerk out there who thinks he knows more than I do about baseball has argued this point and has told me that it means nothing.

The sad loss puts the Red Sox in a position where you actually want to feel bad for them. This is where it ends, Red Sox Nation! I didn't want to have to report this this morning, but I am. The truth is hard to swallow.

The Rays are 12-6 in interleague play against the National League this season and are far more ready for it than we are. They want it more—let's face it.

As much as I want an ultimate comeback, I don't see one coming this season. We don't have run support, and the pitching from our starters and the bullpen is subpar.

The Red Sox will send Daisuke Matsuzaka to the mound for a Game Five matchup in which the Rays look not to be hitless through six innings of work again. Our bats weren't even productive in Game One. How do we expect the guys to produce when we cannot even mimic a pitching performance from Daisuke?

Let's get real here, Red Sox Nation, because I want to talk to you as normal human beings and not raging fans after I predicted a Sox loss last night!

Here it goes: It has been a rough year, with the loss of Manny Ramirez, the struggles of Josh Beckett, and the poor postseason performances of our contact batters that got us here. We cannot win forever, and we as Red Sox fans should know this better than everyone (except Cubs fans). It took us 86 years to finally win again.

I think we can wait until next season and let the upstart Rays go get swept in the World Series just like the same-story Rockies did just one year ago. Let's pick up the rally towels that Manny is using in L.A. to wax his cars and be better than that. Don't cry over this! We are Red Sox Nation! We are Boston!

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "No great man ever complains of want of opportunities."

So why sour more an already sour year? Maybe we can win the division next season when all of this drama is behind us.

Thank you, Red Sox Nation.

- Alex Potter