Jimmy Lennon Jr.: "Announcing or Not, I Would See Pacquiao vs. Mosley"

marcos villegasContributor IMay 4, 2011

So, here we go!

We are five days away from the biggest fight in boxing and we here at Fight Hub TV are amped up and ready to go, as we will be giving you exclusive videos all this week!

We have never done this, but every day this week up until the day of the fight, you will be getting an exclusive interview giving you, the fans, different angles on the mega-bout that is Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley.

On Wednesday, we will have a special interview with former NBA player and current sports analyst Jalen Rose. Following up on Thursday will be MMA fighters chiming in and giving us their predictions on how this bout will end and finally, on Friday, we will have Al Bernstein giving us his thoughts on the bout before he goes live on camera the next day for the PPV broadcast.

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Today’s exclusive video features a legend in announcing in all combat sports, Jimmy Lennon Jr.

Lennon Jr. has become a staple at combat sports events, announcing for bouts in boxing and dipping over into MMA as Strikeforce’s lead announcer. He spoke to our fight correspondent Marcos Villegas about how excited he was to announce his first Manny Pacquiao bout. He shares how the dynamic in boxing is now changed because of the deal between Showtime/CBS and Top Rank and that it everyone at the network is excited.

Lennon also responds to the criticism the bout has received, and feels it is unfair. He leaves off with potential next matches for Pacquiao, citing a third match with Marquez or the bout everyone in the world has been wanting to see, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao!