WWE Extreme Rules Results: 7 Storylines We Could See Going Forward

Rob Picariello@@RobPicarielloCorrespondent IMay 2, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules Results: 7 Storylines We Could See Going Forward

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    I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with Extreme Rules.

    I really didn't have high hopes for it, but it started off with a bang and the majority of the matches were fantastic.

    The WWE crowned two brand new champions with Christian finally winning his first world title and John Cena is back on top of the WWE with a championship win in the main event.

    Love it or hate it, Cena is back on top of the mountain.

    But now you have to ask...where do we go from here?

    Some feuds seemed to end tonight but others just continue on with no real direction.

    Less than an hour after Extreme Rules, here are seven storylines to keep an eye on heading into Over The Limit, which is less than three weeks away.

1. The Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole Saga Continues...Really? REALLY??

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    For reasons I just can't seem to comprehend, Michael Cole and Jack Swagger won CLEANLY over Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross earlier tonight at Extreme Rules.

    With Jerry Lawler nowhere to be found, Michael Cole rolled up Jim Ross and got the clean 1-2-3.

    After a slight tease of Cole and Swagger's relationship falling apart with Cole not wanting to be tagged in, Cole entered the match and after getting a "whupping" from JR for a while, out of nowhere he got the victory and was celebrating with Swagger.

    The WWE is absolutely shoving Michael Cole down everyone's throat. I have been a supporter of his semi-push because he does garner the most heat and I've said before he is the top heel in the company.

    But enough is enough.

    There isn't a single person in the WWE Universe who wants to see this feud continue and there were some real perplexed faces in the crowd after the Cole/Swagger win.

    I officially give up on predicting the future of this feud and the future role of Michael Cole.

2. Kharma Will Begin Her Destruction of the Divas Division

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    Immediately following Layla's victory over Michelle McCool, which leads to McCool "leaving" the WWE, Kharma's (Previously Awesome Kong in TNA) music hit which begins with her creepy cackling laugh and she entered to the awe of the entire crowd.

    Michelle McCool looked like she had scene a ghost.

    Kharma entered the ring, grabbed McCool and gave her a modified "Pedigree" and left McCool lifeless in the middle of the ring. The cameras cut to the rest of the Divas watching on a TV from the locker room.

    Kharma has put the entire Divas Division on notice and I expect her to not only breathe some life into the Divas Division but take out everyone in her path, culminating with her first Divas championship reign.

3. Christian to Begin His Reign as World Heavyweight Champion

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    In what could have been the best match of the night, Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio in a ladder match for the vacant world heavyweight championship.

    The match went back and forth, saw bodies bloodied and bruised and ended with a touching scene between best friends.

    With Del Rio a mere fingertip away from the world heavyweight title, a loud beep came from the ramp, where Edge had pulled up in his own vehicle. That was the distraction Christian needed as he pushed the ladder and Del Rio fell over the top rope to the outside.

    Seconds later, with Edge cheering him on from the outside, Christian unhooked the belt and was celebrating his first world championship.

    The question now is, who is next in line for a shot at the title.

    Randy Orton is the top babyface on SmackDown as of last week, but I don't envision an Orton-Christian feud.

    That leaves, in my opinion, an opening for Cody Rhodes to rise to the top of the list of contenders and begin his chase for his first world title.

    Expect a short Cody Rhodes-Christian feud culminating with Cody emerging with the belt and a Cody Rhodes-Randy Orton program in the near future.

4. R-Truth and John Morrison

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    John Morrison was halfway out of the steel cage door and on his way to winning the WWE championship.

    Enter R-Truth.

    In one of the WWE's worst kept secrets, R-Truth ran out and bashed Morrison's skull with the cage door and kept him from winning the match.

    Truth entered the cage and hit his finisher on Morrison and then took out Cena for good measure.

    As obvious as it may have been, I think this is great for both Morrison and R-Truth.

    Morrison still isn't quite ready for a run as the champion, and a bona fide feud with R-Truth, who, by the way, is getting over as a heel, will help them both. The fans truly dislike him after he took out the IWC golden boy.

    Hopefully this feud will bring us back to a time where stipulations and titles didn't have to be involved for a feud to be interesting. They can continue to practice their mic work against each other (and boy do they need it), and we'll surely see them both back in the title picture at some point in 2011.

5. The Corre Break-Up...Waiting...Still Waiting.

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    In a bonus match that helped ease the crowd in between the Ladder Match and the Triple Threat Cage Match, we were given a Lumberjack match for the tag team championships.

    The Corre's music hit and to our surprise it wasn't Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel coming down the aisle, but instead it was Ezekiel Jackson and Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett.

    After Big Zeke hit a big body-slam on the Big Show, Wade Barrett tagged himself into the match, much to the chagrin of Ezekiel Jackson, and went for his finisher, "Wasteland." He did not hit his finisher and was choke-slammed for the loss.

    Ezekiel Jackson was not happy with Barrett, and the dissension within The Corre continues. Look for it to be addressed on this week's SmackDown, and at some point we need to see them all together in one match.

6. John Cena and Alberto Del Rio on the Road to SummerSlam

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    You can't read one dirtsheet or visit one wrestling rumor site and not read about the possible match-up of John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio at SummerSlam.

    The seeds were planted tonight with John Cena winning the triple-threat match for the WWE championship and Alberto Del Rio coming to Raw empty handed, losing the world heavyweight championship match.

    A lot of people are sick of Cena as the WWE champion, but in his own words, it has been almost a year since Cena's worn the WWE title belt.

    The Miz had a great run at 159 days as champion and was able to build a lot of momentum for his character moving forward but the WWE runs at full capacity when John Cena is on top.

    This is going to lead to a can't miss Raw where The Rock will be in the building, John Cena walks in as WWE champion, Alberto Del Rio will be whining about being screwed out of the world title and The Miz will be itching for a rematch.

    Speaking of The Miz...

7. Is the Era of Awesome Officialy Over?

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    After almost six months of being the WWE champion, The Miz finally tasted defeat after losing the belt to John Cena at Extreme Rules in a steel cage.

    With the most likely scenario for the WWE championship involving John Cena and Alberto Del Rio, where does that leave The Miz?

    Honestly, I'm not exactly sure. I'm sure he'll get his rematch but most likely will come up short. That leaves him in main event mediocrity with a handful of other superstars I'll get to on the next slide.

    If the WWE is serious about making The Miz the next big thing, they'll have to figure out a way to have The Miz and Alberto Del Rio co-exist as top heels on the same show.

Where Does That Leave the Rest of the Main Eventers?

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    The Road to SummerSlam is upon us and some big questions will need to be answered before "The Biggest Party of the Summer."

    Superstars like The Miz, CM Punk and Rey Mysterio are all in flux.

    CM Punk has lost to Randy Orton about 40 times and with Orton leaving for SmackDown, what lies ahead for Punk? We could possibly see the end of the New Nexus and CM Punk could feud with them.

    Rey Mysterio has now split over the past two pay-per-views with Cody Rhodes but now with Mysterio heading to Raw, that probably ends their feud. He's another top guy that doesn't seem to have much direction after tonight.

    And lastly it's only a matter of time until we'll all be saved.

    Sooner or later Chris Jericho will be making his return after being voted off of Dancing With The Stars last week. He'll be vaulted right into the main event picture and could certainly work a program without a title needing to be involved.

    Raw is just hours away and the Over The Limit pay-per-view is less than three weeks away.

    Stay tuned as we see how these storylines play out of the next couple of weeks....or don't because we all know how unpredictable the WWE can be.

    And that's what keeps us coming back.



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