WWE Extreme Rules: Will Kharma Make Her Debut This Sunday?

TC VreelandCorrespondent IIIApril 30, 2011

It's official; Kharma is coming.  But the question remains, when?

On April 11, the WWE universe got their first look at a shadowy figure during a vignette that aired on Monday Night Raw.  The mysterious person laughed maniacally as she flicked the head off of a doll.  Many fans instantly knew who was lurking in the shadows, as it had been reported months prior that Kia Stevens, known in TNA as Awesome Kong, had signed a WWE contract. 

Over the next two weeks, two more vignettes showed the same figure pulling the legs and heads off of similar dolls and finally gave viewers a glimpse at the face of WWE's newest arrival as well as her official WWE name, Kharma.

So far the only information we have is what we have seen in the vignettes.  There was no ominous date, no specific plan of attack, it just seems that Kharma has her sights set on every "barbie doll" diva in WWE.  So when can we expect her to make her long-awaited debut?

Fans have been long anticipating the debut of the former TNA Knockout Champion.  Rumors of her debut have stretched back as far as January's Royal Rumble.  With everyone anxious, the WWE has waited for the perfect opportunity to release Kharma into the diva's division and cause chaos.  Now with the perfect set-up in place, the time is now.

(SPOILER WARNING:  The following paragraphs contain potential SPOILERS for the WWE Extreme Rules PPV results!)

Over the past month, former WWE Diva's Champions Layla and Michelle McCool, formerly known as LayCool, have broken up and begun to feud with one another.  On last Friday's SmackDown, it was announced that the two would face off at Extreme Rules in a no count-out, no disqualifications match where the loser must leave WWE.

Several websites have since reported rumors stating that McCool is scheduled to be taking time off following Extreme Rules.  Originally the reports claimed that McCool would be taking several several weeks off to help heal and recover from injuries and fatigue that she has sustained over the past 12 months. 

More recent reports have since claimed that McCool will instead be leaving for an indefinite period of time, taking time off to spend with her husband, WWE superstar The Undertaker, until both are ready to return to a full-time WWE schedule.  Some sources are even saying that McCool is leaving WWE for good and this will be her final match.

Regardless of what Michelle McCool decides to do, WWE has been given the perfect opportunity for Kharma's debut.

I have always felt that new superstar debuts should generally be the night after a pay-per-view.  There is always a larger audience watching Raw than the previous night's PPV, so the new superstar will generally make a more noticeable impact. 

However, with Michelle McCool being written off of the roster, what better way for Kharma to make her debut as the barbie doll–destroying diva than to attack McCool and send a message to the rest of the WWE divas?

The match between Layla and McCool was made to be no disqualifications for a reason.  I know that things have been heated between the two former partners, but we typically don't see no disqualification matches in the diva's division.  

I guess the stipulation was needed to make the match suitable for Extreme Rules, but divas rarely use weapons or get disqualified for any reason other than interference, so there is likely more to it than that.  WWE could have easily made the match a lumberjill match or something else more suitable for the divas, but now we have an opportunity for Kharma to make a huge statement.

But if Kharma is going to attack McCool, why make it a loser leaves WWE match?  Couldn't they have just used an injury angle?  Sure, but if McCool is seriously leaving WWE for more than just a few weeks or months, an injury angle wouldn't fit.  With the loser leaves WWE stipulation, the door is always open for McCool to be "re-hired" and try to get her revenge on Kharma.

So what is going to happen when Layla and Michelle McCool square off on Sunday?  It seems as if WWE has laid out all of the pieces; now we'll just have to wait and see if they all fit together.