WWE: Thank You Layla and Michelle McCool for Showing Divas Can Get Physical

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistApril 28, 2011

Last week on Smackdown we saw the continued demise of Laycool. After a match, Layla was attacked by Michelle McCool and ended up turning the tables on her former flawless partner.

For as long as I have been writing on this site, I have been saying one thing about the Divas division: It is not the WWE holding the Divas back, it is the Divas themselves. 

WWE has made it clear that the majority of the women they want to employ need to be good looking. Sometimes that is all that is required because numerous Divas have been signed with little to no experience in the ring, it was their looks and personality got them in the door.

Last Friday, Layla and Michelle showed that some women are not afraid to mix it up and get violent. Layla slammed Michelle's head into the barricade about four times, then she proceeded to throw her over the announce table.

It was probably the most intense Diva confrontation we have seen in years.

I have been waiting for some Divas to step up and perform at a level that was once reserved for the knockouts of TNA. The complete destruction of the knockouts by Hogan and Bishcoff is for another article, so I won't touch on that too much for now.

The WWE used to have Divas who were both sexy and athletic. When Victoris, now Tara in TNA, and Lita had a cage match I thought we were witnessing the new direction for the Divas, but that was years ago and the division has changed for the worse since then.

I am not saying there are not women in WWE who are willing to step up. I think there are some Divas who really want to go out there and wrestle a great match.

Eve Torres has shown improvement week after week since signing with WWE. She may not be the best on the mic but she is willing to take the risk of getting hurt. Kelly Kelly has shown moments of amazing skill, but they are usually diminshed by the other talent she is wrestling.

Even the Bella twins who rarely wrestle on a weekly basis, until recently anyways, showed promise when they first arrived on the scene. In their debut match I remember them doing dropkicks, crucifix pinning combinations and various mat wrestling moves like armbars and hip tosses.

These women need to realize that if they want to be featured more prominently they need to step up their game and stop relying on their looks to get them by.

Trish Stratus was a great talent and I felt that the day she and Mickie were both gone from WWE would be the day the Diva division officially died, but McCool and Layla showed there is still some life in the women of wrestling.

On thing I think WWE needs to do is stop hiring models and start hiring ex-MMA women and ex-boxers. There are certainly enough with the sexy look to fill the division. Any hardcore MMA fan will tell you some of the hottest women out there will throw down with the toughest guys and girls alike.

I am actually looking forward to Layla and McCool's match this Sunday to see what they can pull off after an impressive fight at Extreme Rules.