When Will Sportswriters Act Like Sportswriters and Stop Gossiping?

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IOctober 10, 2008

What is the big deal? This is ridiculous! Around a half a dozen writers, including Jason Whitlock, write about how Adam "Pacman" Jones has screwed up for the last time. The way they make it sound you'd think the president had been assassinated.

Do we even know what happened at that hotel? Unless one of us can say that we were a witness to the event, then we can't say for certain what did happen.

Things like this make me disgusted. People who speculate about what happened, jump to a conclusion, and make assertions that Jones is a violent felon, or he should be kicked out of the league, when they don't know what happened, not only give us reasonable journalist a bad name, they also give sports a bad name.

Imagine this: You see Kirsten Dunst in a shoe store. She is looking at an adorable little pair of pink baby booties. The paparazzi take a picture and make the title "Kirsten Dunst is buying baby shoes! Who is the father of her child?"

Now where in the world did that person get the idea that she is pregnant? Has Dunst been seen with an enlarged torso? No. Has Dunst been seen in a relationship with a man that is as serious as this? Not to my knowledge. Or better yet, has she been caught with a positive pregnancy test in her hand? No. 

But the paparazzi can't wait to start stalking her and putting down a list of her cravings to publish when for they know she could have been buying booties for a friend of her that has a newborn. However, that is not going to get them sales or interest like a title that suggests that she is an unmarried slut having a baby! 

Well those writers did the same thing with Pacman Jones, including Jason Whitlock. They jump the gun, whether because they wanted to get the story out or to make up a scoop and that disgraces football beyond measurement.

Football is about games. It's about stats. It's about who is the best at a certain craft or which team is going to win this Sunday. It is not a gossip page in the National Enquirer!

When will these people that call themselves writers stop taking the smallest thing and blowing it up to be the scandal of the century. No charges have been filed or will be filed. According to Jerry Jones, Adam Jones and his bodyguard were fooling around with each other and a vase was broken in the process. No one is in the hospital, no one is in handcuffs, and Adam Jones is going to play this Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.

I would bet every dollar I have in my wallet now that Jones is not going to get suspended, and this is going to go away. Well, it might not if these premature writers keep writing about it.

When has football become gossip? When has the greatest source of entertainment for a man and his buds become a thing to go "OOOOOOH" and "AAHHHHHH" at whenever a player's social life is brought up. That is right, I said social life.

If Jones doesn't do this on the field, then it did not happen on a football subject. Now if this was something really big, then it would be news. However, a few journalists get reckless and decide to exaggerate something small and get a popular article going.

This man may be no angel, but under our constitution, he is innocent until proven guilty. Who made any of us jurors in his nonexistent trial, with his nonexistent indictment, and his nonexistent arraignment?

Let's talk about something else. This is getting old.

Why can't we talk about how Brian Westbrook is out vs. the 49ers or how the Chargers may be losing their spark?

I'm just saying...