The New York Giants Should (gulp) Cut David Tyree

David GellerAnalyst IOctober 8, 2008

Sorry David, but catching the ball on your head in the Super Bowl in the most desperate of situations isn’t enough to keep your roster spot.


Yeah, I said it. And at some time this season, the Giants should, too.


But what exactly has he done in the last 10 months to warrant this action? Nothing. Except doing nothing on this Giants team is enough to lose your job. Just ask Lawrence Tynes, who had surgery on his knee in preseason and has watched Carney make every single attempt in the first four games. After booting the field goal that catapulted the G-Men to Arizona, now Tynes finds his job in minor jeopardy.


While Tyree’s knee was slowly healing from arthroscopic surgery, Domenik Hixon has proven himself to be a legitimate receiver, and Sinorice Moss slightly vindicated the second-round choice the Giants spent on him in 2006 with two touchdowns against Seattle. Mario Manningham was drafted as a project in the third round this past season; there’s no way he’s getting cut.


So where does that leave David Tyree? The special-teams ace gave the Giants four terrific seasons, including a Pro Bowl campaign that helped their kick and punt coverage be tops in the league annually.


Then he partakes in the greatest play in a game that still has New York in a frenzy. It really isn’t fair at all that he shouldn't be wearing blue anymore.


But that’s the NFL. While it would be a bad twist in Tyree’s life, he should be grateful he had the opportunity to be on the field that fateful night. After his rookie season, he was arrested for dealing marijuana, and for most of his life he frequently used drugs and drank.


The Giants stuck with him though, despite being a sixth-round pick, and they were rewarded for their faith. So was Tyree for placing his faith in God, which he claims played a key role in turning his life around. Even after a disastrous practice two days before the Super Bowl, the Giants continued to instill Tyree into their gameplan.


One touchdown and one miracle later, it’s time for the Giants to acknowledge that the reward gauge from Tyree has hit zero.


Hixon can be as effective on special teams as Tyree is and is much more talented as a receiver. Whenever he’s seen the field, he’s made an impact. The same guy who got cut by the Broncos in October is proving himself to be more than just an adequate special-teamer.


One scout told Mike Garafalo of the New Jersey Star-Ledger that he was shocked the Broncos would drop a talent like this. Something tells me that the Giants aren’t going to make that same mistake.


Sinorice Moss has been a tremendous disappointment, but there is still reason to leave out hope for him. He’s shown explosiveness on the field, and his routes appear to be a bit crisper this year. Manning and Moss have proven to have good chemistry and timing, which was made evident against Seattle. There’s no reason to cut him loose.


Mario Manningham is a similar player to Moss but is much more raw at this stage in his career. The major beef on him was his inability to get off press coverage, which probably eradicates any chance of him being an every-down receiver. But his playmaking skills cannot be denied, and his ability to stretch the field will keep him on the Giants' roster until the team thinks that he is a lost cause.


All of these factors lead Tyree right down the same path as Aaron Boone, who was another one-hit (literally) wonder in New York. He hit the Yankees into the World Series in 2003, and that was his last game for the Bombers, as he tore his ACL in a pickup basketball game. He forever lives in Yankees lore and is remembered lusciously by the fans in New York. Tyree has a chance to receive that same affection.


If Tyree does get the pink slip, he’ll find another job in the NFL. He’ll always have a place in the hearts of Giants fans, and his catch will be talked about forever. But it’s a “What have you done for me recently?” business, and Tyree hasn’t done anything in the last month, while other guys have.


So with that, I bid farewell to Mr. Tyree.