WWE Wrestlemania 27: 10 Reasons Alberto Del Rio Will Top Edge

Jeff Langridge@@JeffLangridge1Correspondent IIIMarch 29, 2011

WWE Wrestlemania 27: 10 Reasons Alberto Del Rio Will Top Edge

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    Ever since Alberto Del Rio won the Royal Rumble in January, we all knew that he would more than likely face Edge. Wrestlemania 27 is now upon us, and that match will happen in six days.

    Del Rio has been saying for months that it’s his destiny to be come champion, and I believe he will win.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am an Edge fan but I doubt that he will be walking out with the World Heavyweight Championship. There are just too many things in his way.

The One Babyface Win, One Heel Win Rule

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    I have said it since the Miz won the WWE Championship that he was destined to lose the title to John Cena at Wrestlemania. It looks very much like that will happen.

    What does this have to do with Edge vs. Del Rio?

    There is the unofficial rule that at Wrestlemania that if a babyface wins or retains one major title, then a heel will either win or retain the other major title. It doesn't happen all the time, but it has happened quite a bit the last few years.

    Last year, Cena won the WWE title, while Chris Jericho retained the World title. At Wrestlemania 24, Randy Orton retained the WWE title and the Undertaker won the World title. I could go on, but the list would just go on and on.

    SInce I believe there is no way that John Cena is walking out of Wrestlemania 27 without the WWE Championship, that spells bad news for Edge.

The Go Home Show Rule

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    Another unofficial rule in WWE is that if you lose at the last Raw or Smackdown before a pay-per-view, you will usually win at the pay-per-view. Almost everyone in the WWE is prone to obeying this rule, unless your name is John Cena or Triple H.

    Well, this past Friday on Smackdown, Del Rio was on the receiving end of a beatdown by Edge & Christian. Barring anything happening on Raw, that means Del Rio will win at Wrestlemania.

The Royal Rumble Win Dry Spell

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    Not since 2007 has a Royal Rumble winner gone on to Wrestlemania and won a World title. What once almost ensured a title win has now become a prize worth less than Money in the Bank.

    Quite simply, Del Rio needs to win to bring back some credibility to the Royal Rumble win before it becomes totally worthless.

The WWE Youth Movement

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    While Del Rio is isn't exactly young at 33 years of age, Del Rio has come into the WWE at a time when there has been more young superstars starting there career than they have in a long time.

    It is guys like Del Rio and Wade Barrett who are in a unique position as older "rookies," for the lack of a better term. They are essentially transitional superstars that can bridge the gap of the older superstars like Undertaker, Triple H, and Rey Mysterio to the newer generation.

    What better way to do that then to have him win a World title at the biggest stage of them all.

The Potential Challengers

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    Though some might disagree, there are plenty of superstars ready to challenge Del Rio for the title.

    On the babyface side, you have a rematch with Edge, Christian, a inevitable match against Rey Mysterio, Big Show, and based on their history and if they ever give him a main event push again, Kofi Kingston.

    On the heel side, you have Drew McIntyre, Wade Barrett, and if he gets a push after Wrestlemania, Jack Swagger.

    There is also a wild card in the mix with the addition of Mistico, now known as Sin Cara, to the WWE. Sooner or later, they will face off, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was at a Wrestlemania.

The "Lesnar" Factor

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    The push that Del Rio has gotten has been meteoric, much like the pushes received by one Brock Lesnar and more recently, Sheamus. Both of them won the WWE title in their first tries and while Del Rio has had one prior match for the World title at TLC, this is his first one on one match for the belt.

    While there has really only been two instances of this happening, there is no reason for Del Rio not to continue the trend.

His Family History

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    While some people not know it, Del Rio has quite a family history in Mexican wrestling. Del Rio is the son of luchadore Dos Caras and the nephew of Mil Mascaras and Sicodelico.

    While not impacting on the match, I can bet that both his father and uncle will be in the crowd Sunday night. While Edge has more WWE experience, Del Rio has his own experience to draw upon, as well as the experience of his family.

He Simply Can't Afford to Lose

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    The way Del Rio's character has been built, he has to come out of Wrestlemania with the title or his momentum will be hurt so badly that he might not recover for a long time.

    Don't believe me. Just ask Kofi Kingston. His main event push proves that if you lose in the biggest match of your push, you drop down hard.

Because We Already Know It

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    I know this isn't even a reason but neither is, "It's his destiny", and I didn't want to have a slide with the title being one of Del Rio's catchprhases but I caved in. You would think it would be the last slide, but for one big reason, it is not.

    That reason is why these past slides were a little on the short side. While the past reasons are all valid, there's is only one surefire reason that Edge will lose to Del Rio, and it is...

Christian Turns Heel

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    As has already been rumored almost everywhere and debated thoroughly, I am 99 percent sure that Christian is turning heel this Sunday.

    Almost every wrestling fan has been clamoring for a feud between Edge and Christian for years, but Vince McMahon decided that Christian wasn't main event material. That might finally have changed.

    For the first time ever around Wrestlemania, Christian is near the main event scene.

    Now, why would Christian help Del Rio, the man who put him out of action, win the World title? Well, it happens all the time in the wrestling world. Help an enemy to get back at someone you thought was your friend.

    A lot of people have noticed that whenever Edge has needed help, Christian was there. Whenever Christian needed help, where was Edge?

    A situation similar to this happened with Christian while he was in TNA. When Sting debuted there in 2006, he told Christian that he only wanted revenge on Jeff Jarrett and not the NWA title. Never the less, Sting found his way into a title match against Jarrett at Hard Justice, and in that match, Christian turned on Sting and helped a wrestler who he had been feuding with since he arrived in the organization.

    Here's how I see the finish to the match going down. Somehow the ref will get knocked out. That's when Brodus Clay will make his move, only to be stopped by Christian. Christian will then take out Del Rio. Edge will then prepare for the spear. On the way, he will be stopped by Christian who will then hit the Killswitch on him. Christian will then drag Del Rio on top of Edge. The ref will wake up, count to three, and Del Rio will be champion.