An Epic Lineup for WWE No Mercy: Match of the Year candidate?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2008

On Sunday the 5th of October, WWE No Mercy is live and many eagerly anticipated matches will unfold.  With a card that just shows that the WWE can still produce the goods when it comes to a big PPV’s what will happen?

Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Michaels and Jericho have been the shining light of the WWE for the past few months and now they are going to be fighting it out for the big one.  This rivalry has been very interesting to watch and as two of the best in the business today this match should end up being a Match of the Year candidate.

With the match that made Michaels famous and with Jericho being part of few of the best ladder matches they have the experience and know how to put on one hell of a show.  If Jericho should retain the title then the rivalry may end with a big climax with Jericho proving he is the best today. 

However, if Michaels should win the title, than the rivalry may run on with it being very popular with the fans.  Both superstars deserve to be at the very top of the card and this match might be one that is talked about for a long time.

Batista Vs JBL

With the number one contender spot at stake which superstar is hungrier for it?  JBL is always in contention but Batista has been searching for the World Heavyweight Championship for months and this might be his time to take the No. 1 contender spot. 

Most recently, the two were included in a World Heavyweight Championship Scramble at Unforgiven, where the late entrant Chris Jericho snuck to get the win from under Batista’s nose.  This will spur Batista on to regain the title which should have been his at Unforgiven.  However, never discount JBL, especially when he has been in the foul mood he has been in.

WWE Championship Match

With Jeff Hardy’s second title opportunity, will he capitalize?  Last time he met current WWE Champion was in the Championship Scramble when there were five men in the match.  This time it’s one-on-one.  The Legend Thriller is due to get, “The Big One”. 

The time is right for Hardy to pull off a major win.  But first, he’ll need to get by one of WWE’s most successful Superstars in recent History.  The twelve time champion may prove too much for Hardy but with an emotional year for Hardy he might just get the title.  He would have to use everything he has got using his impressive high-flying moves to get the pin fall. 

This would leave both Hardy’s holding the top titles on their respective brands and would leave some interesting possible match ups with Smackdown! up and coming superstars such as The Brian Kendrick, Shelton Benjamin and MVP.  If Triple H retains a possible rivalry is imminent with the Big Show due to his relationship with Smackdown! GM Vickie Guererro.  This match if it’s as good as their number one contender match last year we should be in for a treat.

The Undertaker vs Big Show

Will The Undertaker unleash his wrath on the Big Show and Vickie Guererro or will the new “Power Couple” screw the Deadman.  As WWE.COM states, “Two colossal Superstars, Big Show and Undertaker, will square off at No Mercy, and the fate of SmackDown! may very well lay in the wake of their epic battle.” 

This is very true and what a match it should be with a big possibility that this rivalry could go on and on and even rival the amazing rivalry between The Undertaker and Edge.  Will the Big Show force an apology out of The Undertaker or will the Big Show be sent straight to hell?  Find out this Sunday!

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