Wendy MixonContributor IMarch 22, 2011
  1. I have no idea what to say here.
  2. I dye my hair black, because it's the closest to my actual hair color.
  3. I only got this Twitter account a couple of weeks ago.
  4. My kids are the best people I know.
  5. I was lucky enough to marry my best friend, and not everyone can say that.
  6. I frequently answer online surveys for credit. It's how I pay for my magazine subscriptions, up to a dozen by now.
  7. I have a two page list, single-spaced, two columns, of samples I have sent off for on the internet.
  8. My hair only gets to grown out during relationships. Once the relationship ends, it's the first thing to go.
  9. I have only worn rings with any regularity. Otherwise, I'm not a fan of jewelry.
  10. I have had the same thirty DVDs for several years. Many other DVDs have rotated in and out of the lineup, but those thirty remain.
  11. If you give me red paint, I will paint everything I own.
  12. My first TV crush was Ricky Schroeder from "Silver Spoons"
  13. Mustard > Mayo
  14. Firm pillows > soft pillows
  15. I watch a lot of standup comedy. No, more than you do. Yes, I'm sure.
  16. Powerade > Gatorade
  17. Favorite VitaminWater: Lemonade
  18. I like Starbucks better than I let on.
  19. I only want peppermint at Christmas. Otherwise, I don't like mint.
  20. Favorite brand of coffee: Green Mountain Dark Magic
  21. I really REALLY wanted a Keurig coffee maker until I had to take service calls on them.
  22. I secretly REALLY want that home soda-making machine.
  23. I giggle every time I see the commercial for Shake Weights.
  24. I think Robert Pattinson was hotter as Cedric Diggory than as Edward Cullen.
  25. The first boy I ever kissed did five years in prison after high school.
  26. I only dated brown-haired men before I was grown. I only got into blonds after my first divorce.
  27. Men were more fun before I gave birth to two of them.
  28. I was a "C" cup by fifth grade.
  29. I would have been a Goth in high school, if I could have afforded it.
  30. Four of my high school boyfriends "came out" to me as adults.
  31. High school was either the best or worst part of my life, depending on which school I went to: I went to FOUR (high schools).
  32. I'm eating better because I have to, not because I like it.
  33. Sex and love are two different things. It's a rare person who can separate the two.
  34. I hate "hip" things. Don't tell me I have to watch/listen/buy it.
  35. I fall asleep each night to either "1 Girl, 5 Gays" or "Tosh.0"
  36. I like Coffee, but hate coffee jobs. Every "coffee job" I've had, I've hated. (*For example, convenience store clerk, barista, working on a coffee maker repair hotline.)
  37. I suffer from insomnia.
  38. Sean Maguire and Kevin Sorbo were the best part of "Meet the Spartans". Oh, and Travis Van Winkle!
  39. Joseph Fiennes in any movie pretty much guarantees I will attempt to watch it.
  40. Favorite Family Guy episode: Meg goes to prison and kicks ass.
  41. Favorite American Dad episode: My Morning Jacket.
  42. I will take anything that's free. Literally.
  43. The only Seth MacFarlane show I don't keep up with is The Cleveland Show. Everything else is mandatory.
  44. I watch Logo more than anyone I know, gay or straight. The programming is better (Daria, Buffy, Reno: 911!)
  45. I'm not as big a movie buff as I think I am.
  46. I buy way too much BBQ sauce.
  47. The only thing I like better than Raisinettes are Craisinettes (cranberry variety)
  48. I hate iCarly. With a passion.
  49. I actually believed the Blair Witch myth.
  50. I watch the Charlie Brown specials every Halloween and Christmas.
  51. I believe the McMahons of the WWE are closer than my own family, and I live with 1/3 of my family!
  52. I miss Peter Steele/Type O Negative.R.I.P.
  53. I stopped watching Jerry Springer when I realized I was more involved than the guests.
  54. I stopped watching Oprah in the 90's,  after the infamous Prince/Mayte episode.
  55. I cried when Owen Hart and Eddy Guerrero each died.
  56. I have been in therapy ONCE (in my teens). I attempted to go again in my twenties, but then I realized I just needed to change my life, and left.
  57. I love Kathy Griffin, and wonder if she needs someone on the East Coast...well, South east coast.
  58. I am caught between loving and hating Chelsea Handler.
  59. I have a long-standing date with Daniel Tosh every Tuesday at 10pm, sharp.
  60. I have a long-standing date with Joel McHale every Friday at 10pm, sharp.
  61. The first PPV I ever rented from the video store was Wrestlemania IV. The second one was WWF SummerSlam '91.
  62. I refuse to read tabloids, but I read PerezHilton.
  63. Zachary Quinto simply IS.
  64. Daniel Radcliffe is hot. Harry Potter is not.
  65. Jerks are necessary. Unfortunately.
  66. I was a believer in Blockbuster. They should have planned ahead better.
  67. I wish they'd never have cancelled Arsenio Hall's show.
  68. I liked SNL back in the mid 80's-mid 90's.
  69. Heh, "69" is never NOT funny!
  70. I don't think I'll ever get married again. I may shack up, but never EVER married again. I'd like to be "not married" to my ex.
  71. Food Network is my porn.
  72. I'm a big fan of reading the directions.
  73. I was born almost exactly a year after my parents got married.
  74. This is the year I was born.
  75. RuPaul is a genius. He took drag out of the clubs and made it "must-see TV".
  76. I have an affliction in which I don't believe someone loves me until after we break up. Then I wonder what happened.
  77. I love vampires, but hate the recent "friendly vampire" fad. My vampires drink blood and screw. So there, "Twilight".
  78. I have a five-year lag on technology. I still have a land-line, a PC and a regular cell.
  79. I have seen every Kevin Smith movie except Chasing Amy.
  80. I have a running contest (with myself) to try every kind of BBQ chip made. I'm up to thirty varieties, at last count.
  81. My favorite Star Wars movie is "Episode IV: A New Hope". And they could have stopped there, for my .02 cents.
  82. My favorite color is red. My sheets, blankets, candles, and even my Firefox skin is red.
  83. My favorite Girl Scout cookies are Samoas (a.k.a. Caramel Delites). Second runner-up: their shortbread cookies.
  84. When I was a kid in grade school, I thought all my classmates were rich. No: my folks were broke.
  85. I miss homemade cookies. Break-n-bake ain't cuttin' it.
  86. I vote Independent, and I actually mean it. Neither side is 100% correct, and neither of them will admit it.
  87. I liked chocolate better when I didn't keep it around. Now that the house is stocked with candy and dessert mix, it's just meh.
  88. I need coffee. I don't like to have to drink it. But good coffee will make me feel better about doing so.
  89. I think TNA is a crushing disappointment, mostly because they're making the same mistakes that WCW made.
  90. I'd rather watch old WWE and WCW matches and shows from the mid 80's to the early 2000's than the current stuff.
  91. I am the only female I am aware of that pays for WWE Classics onDemand for her own use.
  92. I think I loved my current ex-husband more than any man I've known in life. Period. He's my soulmate, and this kills me (the divorce).
  93. I actually pay for the "gift subscription" on Netflix to pay ahead for my subscription.
  94. I watch a crapload of reality shows, no matter how obscure. If I missed it, I catch it on Hulu or Netflix.
  95. I wish cable was 'a la carte', so I wouldn't have to program Fox News and QVC out of my (cable) remote.
  96. Yeah, I skipped this one.
  97. I'm unemployed, but not unemployed. I have two other jobs: my blog and eBay.
  98. Yes, my ex lives with me.
  99. Do we? Nunya.
  100. He leaves on Monday...I think. (He's changed his mind before...now it's Tuesday.)