Tim Tebow: The 8 Best Jobs for the Broncos' QB Should the NFL Not Work Out

James WillisAnalyst IMarch 25, 2011

Tim Tebow: The 8 Best Jobs for the Broncos' QB Should the NFL Not Work Out

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    Should the NFL not work out for Tim Tebow and the step up from college football be too big for him, there will always be a decent number of other roles that the much talked-about quarterback could go into.

    His career so far has not been bad by any stretch of the imagination, and he's no doubt boosted the Broncos' jersey sales significantly, but there's always a chance that a draft pick may flop.

    In the past, he has won many awards for his achievements throughout his amateur career; Tebow became the first home-schooled athlete and the first college sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy.

    Here is a list of eight things Tebow could do if he fails to make the grade in the NFL.

Christian Missionary

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    Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years (or simply don't follow the NFL), then you would know that Tim Tebow is an outspoken Christian, and he holds his beliefs very strongly.

    His mother and father were both Christian missionaries in the Philippines, and Tim Tebow was raised, at least for his early life, around that area.

    There's no reason that Tebow couldn't step into his parents' footsteps and choose to be a missionary as well. Chances are he's already earned himself the money to do so.

    Why not step into the family tradition if all else fails? He has a strong Christian belief and background, the experience and, no doubt, the backing of his parents, so what else is needed?

    Becoming a Christian missionary even sounds possible as a future job after the NFL, even if his career does work out.

Pro-Life Campaigner

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    Substitute the football for a picket sign, wipe the snarl off his face and Tim Tebow could be a Pro-Life campaigner.

    Tebow is outspoken about his stance on abortion, even mentioning it in a Super Bowl ad.

    There was much controversy after the ad went out, but if other people are allowed to have their opinions, why can't Tim Tebow have his?

    Tebow's strong Christian background may act as some reason why he holds this pro-life belief, but with complications at his birth, it may also be more personal to him.

    Regardless of the reasons he holds the belief, he should have the right to share it, and what better way than to act as the figurehead of a pro-life campaign?

Children's Entertainer

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    OK, so the main reason this was chosen as an option was because of the picture. But really, there's no reason he couldn't become a children's entertainer.

    He would already have the respect and admiration of a lot of the kids, having already made a name for himself, and let's face it—there are far worse role models in the NFL.

    Maybe he would make a good children's entertainer; it's hard to judge without having seen him in action, but then again, there may be a reason we haven't seen him play that role yet.

    As a good role model with a relatively famous name already, it's not too far-fetched to say that Tim Tebow would make a good children's entertainer.

Christian Preacher

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    Very much like the first slide, his strong religious beliefs could lead him into this field after he retires, let alone if his NFL career doesn't work out.

    During his college games, Tebow would have Bible verses written in his eye black, including "John 3:16" and "Proverbs 3:5-6."

    Google announced that when Tebow was wearing the "John 3:16" message, there were 92,000,000 searches for the verse, during or shortly after the game.

    Tim Tebow said of the impact, "It just goes to show you the influence and the platform that you have as a student-athlete and as a quarterback at Florida."

    If he can do such a good job of getting his beliefs across while playing as an athlete, then there's no doubt he'd also be successful as a preacher. Well, provided he doesn't mind public speaking, that is.

TV Star

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    Tebow has already drawn more attention his way than a lot of NFL quarterbacks do in their entire careers. If a TV channel needs to pick up the views a bit more, then it could just design a new show around Tim Tebow.

    Sure, there are probably bigger audience pullers around in the sports scene somewhere, but if the producers could come up with a suitable idea, it could be gold.

    Maybe a talk show would suit him best? Or perhaps he could just go onto a slew of reality TV shows, which would no doubt also be very entertaining.

    Overall though, I think his best bet here would be to make himself available for cameos in as many TV series as he can. Nick Swisher's already appeared in a couple and looks set to make more appearances, so why couldn't Tebow?

WWE Wrestler

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    Tebow–TBone. So, that nickname is arguably the most overused of all time (in fact, anyone with a name that begins with "T" has probably used it at some point already).

    Maybe it would be better to go with something like "The Big T" or simply "Timmy." Either way, I'm sure he or someone else could come up with something interesting for a nickname.

    He has the size to become an average wrestler, and without upsetting the fans of WWE—it's pretty much glorified dancing anyway, isn't it?

    Tebow may also be against jumping around a ring in spandex trying to get other men in compromising positions which, when it's put that way, is very understandable.


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    Going back to Slide 4—all Tebow needs to do is write a Bible verse on his eye black and it will already get him countless Google searches.

    Like was mentioned on the Introduction slide as well—Tebow has already broken many of the jersey sales records for the Denver Broncos.

    Put those together and it would seem that he would make a great salesman. Admittedly, it may depend on what he's selling (and for that matter, how it's being sold), but with his fame already, he could well use that to his advantage in a selling environment.

    Maybe he could go into a career selling sports equipment. It's no doubt slightly less glamorous than the heights of the NFL, but still, it doesn't seem like Tim Tebow would be bothered by that.

Entrepreneurial: Human Throwing Machine

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    This is a suggestion that most people may not have made, and in fact, it's so impractical that it perhaps shouldn't be on this list.

    In the same way that batting cages act for baseball, Tim Tebow could act for football. The idea would probably make him an entrepreneur, since this likely hasn't been done before.

    It would be similar to a golf driving range, except Tebow throws the football, and budding stars pay to have a turn at catching it.

    Admittedly, it's not a long-term solution, so maybe it would just be wiser for him to look to go into coaching.

    In fact, let's just pretend this whole slide was about coaching young football stars. It seems far more realistic.

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