Sergio Martinez Wants to Be Pound-for-Pound King

Troy SparksColumnistMarch 20, 2011

By Troy Sparks

Sergio Martinez is the middleweight champion who isn't satisfied with just being the top dog in his division.  He hopes that one day he can capture the coveted pound-for-pound title.

But to do that, I think that two things must happen: Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. must retire from boxing, or he can beat both of them in the ring.

Pacquiao likes to fight bigger boxers.  He would give up almost 20 pounds to Martinez if they ever met in the ring.  Knowing Pacquiao, though, he would agree to a catchweight of around 150 pounds.

Martinez can't do anything to convince the pollsters that he should move up in the pound-for-pound rankings, so he's stuck at No. 3, behind Pacquaio and Mayweather.

Perhaps Martinez can challenge Mayweather to a fight if "Money" isn't scared of the Mexican.  Mayweather has had some success with Mexican fighters, but Martinez isn't Oscar De La Hoya, Juan Manuel Martinez or Antonio Margarito.

Remember, Martinez had the knockout of the year in 2010 when he floored Paul Williams in their rematch.  Williams, by the way, is the ninth best P-4-P fighter.

If you thought that Martinez was lucky in that fight, his unusual style in his match against Sergiy Dzirzinduk threw the Ukranian off his game.  What Martinez, who's considered a slugger, did was beat Dzirzinduk at his game. 

We heard that Dzirzinduk was one of the best technical fighters and one of the best jabbers in the game, but Martinez matched jab-for-jab with Dzirzinduk for six rounds and mixed some slugging in there in the later rounds.  That combination resulted in Dzirzinduk being knocked down for the first time in his career and losing in the eighth round on a TKO.

The wins over Kelly Pavlik, Williams and now Dzirzinduk are convincing.  It won't convince Pacquiao to give him a fight. 

There are plenty of people waiting in line to get a piece of the Pac Man, but Mayweather still holds the upper hand. 

Right now, Martinez' desire to fight Pacquiao is just a pipe dream.  Unless the top two P-4-P boxers hang up their gloves, he will remain the No. 3 P-4-P fighter.