Would-Be Champs: Five Guys Who Would Have Been World Champ by Now

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2011

Would-Be Champs: Five Guys Who Would Have Been World Champ by Now

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    There are guys who were made to be champions. Unfortunately for us, Vince McMahon is the guy that gives the word on who will be champion.

    If you jump ship and return (Christian and Gail Kim), you will be screwed out of any opportunity of a title.

    Then there are guys like HHH and Batista, who get ridiculous amounts of title shots (not that they are not deserved or anything).

    Finally, there are those that had the ability to become champion but left WWE for some reason or another.

    I made a list of five guys that I believe had the skills to eventually become WWE or World Heavyweight champion but are no longer with WWE. 


Mr. Kennedy

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    We all know about the Randy Orton thing that got Mr. Kennedy on an eventual spiral out of WWE.

    Had he stayed, he could have easily become either WWE or World champion.

    He had about every ability needed to become a great wrestler in WWE and is now a great one for TNA.

Shelton Benjamin

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    Shelton Benjamin was a badass. Enough said.

Muhammad Hassan

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    Hassan was well on his way to legendary feats in his career. World titles, and there were even talks of him ending the Undertaker's streak.

    Sadly though, we all know how and why this one ended.

Chris Masters

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    Chris Masters should have won a world title by now, if not multiple titles.

    I believe the only reason he has not was because when he burst onto the scene, John Cena was flowing to the top.

    Then came the steroid thing, and now he has a supposed push that was supposed to happen a month ago.

Owen Hart

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    I put Owen as the No. 1 guy because, well, he was a beast. The feud he had with Bret will go down as one of the best ever.

    Had that accident not happened, Hart had even more awesomeness headed his way.

    Let's just hope that Vince will eventually put him in the Hall of Fame, where he belongs.