Alabama Faithful Should Remain Cautious, Despite Impressive Start

Adam WrenCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2008


That is how much time Alabama has spent trailing an opponent this year.

If that isn't prestigious then I don't know what is, especially considering two of Alabama's previous games was against top ten teams and away from Tuscaloosa.

The No. 2 team in the country has passed two ESPN "tests." Now, the road has been paved by ESPN predictors and analysts for Bama to cruise into Miami for a shot at the National Title.

Did Alabama's win blind everyone that seven Top 25 teams fell, five against unranked teams, in one day?

Just when you think a team will walk on in and take control of the game from the coin toss to the last minute, they collapse like a supernova.

Although Alabama hasn't trailed at all thus far this season, all it takes is one second to get beat.

Alabama, fresh off their 41-30 victory in Athens, head back home to prepare for another unbeaten team from the SEC East.

The Kentucky Wildcats (4-0, 0-0) have shown impressive numbers so far this season; then again, that could only be expected against such teams as Nicholls State, Middle Tennessee State, and Western Kentucky.

Kentucky has outscored their opponents 126-22, including a 27-2 stomping at Louisville to start the season.

Other than that, not much can be said.

When the Wildcats and Crimson Tide square off, Kentucky doesn't stand a chance at beating Alabama—that can go ahead and be said.

If anyone beats Alabama this weekend, it will be Alabama.

They've already demonstrated complacency and lack of intensity, after beating Clemson, when they struggled against Tulane.  If it wasn't for Javier Arenas on special teams, it would've been a lot closer than the 20-6 final score.

Southern Cal is another example.

The Trojans were being pasted on every Sportscenter episode as being "unstoppable."  Week Five of the college football season rolls around, and USC has only played two games.  They had two weeks off in the first four weeks, and the Beavers took 'em out back behind the woodshed.

They believed their own hype, and took a bite out of the "humble pie", as G.G. likes to refer it as.

As a veteran of the armed forces, I can tell you a quote that saved lives in the Middle East, and it can save national title dreams in NCAA football.

"Complacency Kills."

In the locker room, shortly after the game, players were quoted saying that Nick Saban chewed them a “new one” after a poor second-half.

The crimson nation can only hope the players will listen.

The support and hype is there.  Expectations haven't been this high in years, and rightfully so.

Just remember that this is college football where anything can happen.  Support your team, and pray that the players don't eat a slice of the “humble pie.”

Their national title dreams depend on their appetite.