Toronto Maple Leafs Tickets Go to Waste in Fans-First Game

Dave McCarthyCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2008

Heard On Episode 4.3 of AFITC


Earlier this summer, the Toronto Maple Leafs put out a mysterious message that a major announcement would be made, but said nothing else about what was to be expected. Anyone who wanted to find out what it was all about would have to make their way to the Air Canada Centre at 11 am on a Wednesday in the middle of the summertime—hardly a conducive time for most to make the trek.

Nevertheless, several Maple Leaf die-hard souls made it out to hear the Maple Leafs had added a preseason game to their schedule in which all of the tickets would be given out, free of charge, thanks to Coca Cola. All those in attendance for the big announcement were given free ducats.

A nice idea, despite the fact that this game really wasn’t the charity from MLSE that it appeared to be on the surface. Coke bought all the tickets, so MLSE didn’t lose a penny—the money just came from a different source.

Still, the willingness to give fans that rarely get to attend games, the opportunity to see their favourite team in action was a noble gesture. Fast forward to the game itself, and following its conclusion, it was reported that approximately one thousand seats went without occupants.

Maybe there are just not that many people who care to attend a Leafs game? Not likely. The tickets just got into the wrong hands.

Those who had tickets to attend this game but didn’t feel compelled to use them, since they had no real fiscal value attached to them, should be ashamed of themselves. Anyone who holds any tickets to any Leafs game that they let go unused is missing a big opportunity to brighten the lives of those who can only dream of attending a game.

Say what you want but the fact still is, Leafs tickets are a privilege in Toronto. There are numerous children’s hospitals, Big Brother organizations and charitable institutions that would not have too difficult a time putting extra tickets to use. Not putting your extra tickets to use is just despicable. But hey, all that was just rigmarole.