MMA Knockout of the Day: Rare Double Knockout in Only 8 Seconds

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What can you accomplish in eight seconds? Could you handwrite your full name? Have enough time to send a text message? Or what about overcoming nerves to ask a girl out on a date? 

Well, if you're first-time MMA pros Tyler Bryan and Shaun Parker, you not only can knock out your opponent in eight seconds, but have him knock you out at the same time as well. This was exactly the case when both fighters made their MMA debuts at a Legends of Fighting event back on May 16, 2008.

As the match begins, both Bryan and Parker manage to lay a kick on each other, when the unthinkable happens. As both fighters gear up to throw their first punches in their fighting careers, they simultaneously throw right hooks at the exact same time, resulting in not one, but two knockouts.

If you watch closely, you can see guest referee and recent MMA retiree Shonie Carter drop his jaw in complete awe of the entire thing, throwing his hands up thinking only one fighter has been knocked out, but then realizing both were down and out. It goes to show fans that even an MMA fighter was amazed of what he witnessed in the Octagon.

What's even crazier about the entire story is that the fight took place in Indianapolis at a place called the 8 Seconds Saloon. Talk about being meant to be.

Both Bryan and Parker have luckily gone on to fight in more matches, but neither made it to the big show. What they can take away from their short careers is this very first match—one that will remain a hit on YouTube for many years to come.

It goes to show you anything is possible when one steps into the Octagon of an MMA ring. Let's just hope if there is ever another double knockout, it is on a bigger MMA stage for all eyes to see this time.

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