What I Learned from College Football in Week Six

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer ISeptember 28, 2008

As we all know, Week Five of the college football season was filled with upsets. I think there were a few things to be learned from this weekend, though.


USC is beatable.

I just had to throw that one out there first, because it is still hard for me to believe. I thought this team was a virtual lock for the BCS title game, but then again, they might not drop out of the Top Ten with the plethora of upsets elsewhere. I have never seen a Trojan team look that confused under Pete Carroll.


Alabama is for real.

If you weren't impressed with any of their victories to date, especially after Clemson's loss to Maryland, the Crimson Tide put on a show. The much-maligned John Parker Wilson was nearly perfect in the first half and looked pretty darn good in the latter frame as well.

This game was absolutely outstanding from an Alabama perspective: head coach Nick Saban couldn't have asked for more.


Don't give up on the 'Dawgs just yet.

I thought since the beginning of the season that UGA was overrated, but after watching their loss to 'Bama, I have actually gained respect for them. A.J. Green is an absolute beast, and Matthew Stafford can make just about any throw possible on a football field.

It was too bad that Knowshon Moreno got limited touches in the second half because the score was so out of hand at halftime.


Tim Tebow won't win the Heisman.

Sure, you can all tell me it's just Week Six, and I know there are a lot of games to play. That being said, he was arguably not in the Top Five before the weekend started, and after this weekend's performance, I just don't see him pulling an Archie Griffin.


Penn State is the most underrated team in the land.

Our B/R resident CFB expert Lisa Horne has been saying this for weeks, but I think the Nittany Lions have finally proven themselves. Not only did they beat an Oregon State team who just beat USC, but they looked impressive in a 38-24 win over Illinois.

Behind Derrick Williams and Darryl Clark, this team is a force to be reckoned with.


Northwestern is still undefeated.

I used to think there was a reason they started school so late: so the students wouldn't have to attend the misery that is Wildcat football. After a win against Iowa, though, Northwestern is 5-0 and have put themselves in a great position to make a bowl game.

They should have a chance to secure a couple victories against Indiana and Minnesota in the next couple of weeks.


Oklahoma played like a No. 1 team.

If you hadn't known TCU was ranked No. 24, the Oklahoma Sooners weren't making you think so. The Sam Bradford-led offense got up early against the Horned Frogs and looked dominant in the 35-10 win.

There's no question in my mind who is No. 1 with the Trojans' loss.


Javon Ringer is the new Heisman darkhorse.

He ate up 198 yards on 44 carries, coming just shy of his third consecutive 200-yard rushing effort. Head coach Mark Dantonio had the opportunity to let Ringer get the extra two yards with just under a minute to play, but kneeled the ball instead.

Ringer is a workhorse, though, as he is on pace to have the second-most carries of all-time in a single season (behind Kevin Smith's 450 of a year ago). Expect his name to keep filling up the stat sheets, because Ringer is an elusive and speedy back.