John Morrison: This Is the Way He Becomes a Superstar!

Montique DavidCorrespondent IIIMarch 2, 2011

by ~Cre5po on deviantART
by ~Cre5po on deviantART

John Morrison is on that grey area between star and superstar. The point where a major championship can catapult him into the next level. 

Morrison can be that good. He can take the ball all the way to the end zone. However it takes the right play at the right time. Perfect timing can create a superstar. It's what created Hogan, Austin, The Rock, John Cena, and it can be what ultimately creates John Morrison.

So when is the perfect moment? When is the perfect time to pull the trigger on a John Morrison super push to a championship? The simple answer is next year. Wrestlemania 28. 

So how do we get there? Push him like Jeff Hardy was pushed. The loveable high flier with lagging mic skills who can entertain in the ring like no other. 

When Morrison comes out for a match you just know you're going to see something unique. Whether it be his daring Spiderman like wall climbing and scaling, or just his ability to have that all or nothing style. Morrison is WWE's Jeff Hardy right now. 

What makes a great success story is the struggle. The path it took to get there. The hardships and the roadblocks and how ultimately you overcome them. The ultimate goal in WWE is the WWE Championship. 

Book Morrison to get to the top of the ladder and fall. He shouldn't win Money in the Bank, but he should be right there as a contender. He should get multiple title shots and fail to bring home the gold. Have us as fans clamoring for a Morrison title victory like we clamored for a Hardy title victory against Punk.

Then on a cold Sunday night in January, have John Morrison enter the Royal Rumble match #1. Then in a incredible display of determination and acrobatic skill surviving to be one of the final two, have him be the last man eliminated.

By this time the props for Morrison will be deafening. He'll be the one who everybody actually wants to see beat the odds. A person who's easy to get behind because he's the one who just can't seem to win the big one. Then comes Elimination Chamber. WWE Championship on the line. Morrison starts out first then is once again one of two guys remaining along with Cena. Cena makes a mistake and is laying near the turnbuckle. Morrison is in position and lands a perfect Starship pain! He hooks the leg, then a kick out! Morrison can't believe it so he goes to the top for another SSP but this time Cena moves out of the way! He scoops up Morrison and delivers a thunderous Attitude Adjustment! Hook of the leg, and it's over. Once again Morrison failed to win the big one.

Then after the Royal Rumble winner chooses to face the Smackdown Champion, Morrison claims the number one contender status and goes on to Wrestlemania.

In a bout for the ages, Morrison gives it everything he has against Cena, the battle goes back and forth, then twenty minutes later, there's the go home sequence. Reminiscent of Elimination Chamber, Cena is down in the middle of the ring and Morrison hits him with a perfectly placed running knee. Hooks the leg, kick out! Cena and Morrison get to their feet and trade blows before Cena hoists him up and throws him down with an Attitude Adjustment. Hook of the leg, Morrison gets his foot on the bottom rope! Crowd is on their feet, Morrison hits Cena with another running knee then drags his body over to the corner. Morrison grabs the ropes and looks at the rabid crowd before performing a well executed Starship Pain.

One, two, three!

At that moment with tears in his eyes and a raging crowd going wild, Cena shakes Morrison's hand then leaves the ring, creating a pass the torch moment, and creating a superstar. 

I simply believe that the journey has to be as great as the accomplishment. Morrison surely would take off if they go this route, maybe not to a tee, but just by following the basic concept of creating a loveable entertainer who for whatever reason can't reach the pinnacle. Then watch the dollars fall when he finally does break the glass ceiling. 

What do you think?