UFC 127 Main Card Predictions

Fatboy SlimContributor IIFebruary 27, 2011

UFC 127 Main Card Predictions

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    BJ Penn
    BJ PennRyan Pierse/Getty Images

    Hey everyone, welcome to my first article, UFC 127 Main Card Predictions. This is shaping up to be an above-average card that I personally have high hopes for. Bisping and Rivera, due to all the trash talk Rivera has been dishing out. Feel free to leave any feedback and I hope you enjoy. Fighter Ready? ... Fighter Ready? ... Let's get it on!

Chris Camozzi Vs. Kyle Noke

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    Kyle Noke
    Kyle NokeMark Nolan/Getty Images

    Chris Camozzi (14-3) vs. Kyle Noke (18-4-1)

    Both fighters are coming off a four fight win streak and this fight should kick off the main card with a bang. Camozzi's last fight was a decision victory over Dong Yi Yang at UFC 121. Noke defeated Ron Kimmons via Rear Naked Choke at UFC 122.

    Stand Up: I give the edge to Noke, who shows power and accuracy along with the ability to end fights with his fists.

    Ground Game: I give the edge again to Noke, who won 2 of his last 4 fights via Rear Naked Choke. He seems to be able to get opponents to the ground and end it.

    Prediction: Hoke via Submission in Round 2

Chris Lytle vs Brian Ebersole

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    Brian Ebersole
    Brian EbersoleJeff Gross/Getty Images

    Chris Lytle (30-17) vs. Brian Ebersole (46-14)

    Is there a more exciting fighter to watch than Chris Lytle? And doesn't Ebersole's wrist look broken after that "punch" he threw in the photo? I'm not so familiar with Brian Ebersole as I am with Chris Lytle. I have hopes for this to be a brawling war.

    Stand Up: Ebersole gets the nod here. From what I can tell from his record, during the earlier part of his career he favored the ground game, but has since had an itch to stand and brawl. However, Lytle is no slouch on his feet.

    Ground Game: Lytle has the advantage. Lytle stands and brawls but once it gets to the ground, I have to give the advantage to him.

    Prediction: I'm pulling a swerve here and saying Lytle wins via Knockout in Round 1

George Sotiropoulos Vs. Dennis Siver

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    The Aussie
    The AussieMark Nolan/Getty Images

    George Sotiropoulos (14-2) vs. Dennis Siver (17-7)

    I'm a huge fan of both these fighters. Sotiropoulos is always an exciting fighter to watch and the spinning back kick of Siver is almost a sure thing to watch for in every one of his fights. This has all the makings to be fight of the night.

    Stand Up: Big edge to Siver in this category. He's one of the more skilled kickboxers in the division and as I've said, you have to always watch out for the spinning back kick. Siver is a bigger fighter so it could be hard for George to get him to the ground.

    Ground Game: Big edge to Sotiropoulos here. He's a submission machine. If he can get Siver down, it would only be a matter of minutes until Siver taps out.

    Prediction: Sotiropoulos via Submission in Round 3

Michael Bisping Vs. Jorge Rivera

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    Ready for war?
    Ready for war?Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

    Michael Bisping (20-3) vs Jorge Rivera (19-7)

    Ugh. I hope we get a replay of Hendo's infamous knockout. I honestly can't stand Bisping. However, normally the roles are reversed. Bisping usually talks the trash while the other fighter retaliates. Bisping is a great fighter and Jorge Rivera has outstanding power.

    Stand Up: Have to give the edge to Rivera here. Bisping's chin has been suspect since getting blasted by Hendo and he was rocked by Akiyama in his last fight early on. Rivera's Muay Thai is great.

    Ground Game: Bisping's wrestling ability gives him the nod here. Not much else to say to that one. He has some of the best wrestling around.

    Prediction: Rivera via Unanimous Decision

Main Event: BJ Penn Vs. Jon Fitch

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    Fitch is huge.
    Fitch is huge.Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

    BJ Penn (16-7) vs. Jon Fitch (23-3)

    Boy, this could either be one of two fights.

    1:) An all out brawl between two of the best fighters on the planet. Or..

    2:) A lay and pray session thanks to Jon Fitch.

    Stand Up: Obviously this goes to BJ. I saw a new fire lit in BJ's eyes during his last fight with Matt Hughes. He came out strong and relentless until Hughes was out cold. If Fitch stays on his feet, it will be a very very long night for him.

    Ground Game: I'm torn here. It has to be a draw. BJ's Brazilian Jui-Jitsu is second to none in the division and his take down defense is insane. He gave GSP his hardest test ever with takedowns. However, Jon Fitch has some of the best wrestling in the world. It's even here.

    Prediction: BJ Penn via TKO in Round 1